The human mind is designed for survival, to simply make it through the day. Focus (on anything other than potential threats) does not come naturally. Yet, focus is the key to your happiness and success.

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To cope with potential threat, you're wired for stress... and, every single day, it's dragging you backwards. Explore how stressed you are - and make the choice to banish stress.

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And, if you want train your mind to focus (and have the discipline to do it everyday) MYpsyberCoach - The Mindfulness App - is your travel companion for the journey of a lifetime... your's.

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How to Change Your Life with Willie Horton




Three Steps to Change Your Life

You only need to take three steps to change your life and the first one is oh so easy. Sign up for my free video training series that is currently online. But you need to be fast… this free training is online for a limited time only.



And the free training series will teach you all about the other two steps you need to take.

- Step 2: Learn to Focus.

- Step 3: Set Your Mind - to achieve your goals and objectives.

But you need to take these steps regularly. In fact, you need to do your focus training every day - you need all the self-help you can get!

My clients tell me that self-help requires self-discipline - and the normal mind is not really all that disciplined at all. That’s why, in addition to the current free online training series on how to change your life, I’m offering you three tools that you can use any time you like to help you develop the kind of focus that will change your change your life… because it all starts with focus.

First and foremost, we all need to do our mental exercises every day - or, at least, most days!

So Tool#1 to help you learn to focus is my App - MYpsyberCoach - that focus and mindfulness app. Used all over the world, this will not just enable you get focused, it will ensure you stay focused - that’s what really matters.

Tool#2 will measure your focus - right now, in this moment. It will give you a quick insight into how you’re doing at this moment in time. Remember, it is in this present moment that you live your life - if you’re not focused right now, your life is passing you by. I mean it.

And Tool#3 will measure your stress… it’s like taking your mental pulse! We need to keep checking ourselves because, with all the normal crazy people around us and all the challenges that life throws at us everyday, it’s all too easy to lose the plot! And, if you do that, your life will starting passing you by all over again.



Thank you Willie for helping me get out of my own way. Everything is now so much easier - Clodagh Hughes, Owner, Motive8



The most important learning of my living and working life - Donald Williamson, Sales Dirctor, Britvic



A "must have" for every business person that benefits both work and personal life - Bruno Bert, Director Maternal Nutrition, Nestlé



Thanks Willie... I now know that I can achieve anything I want to. - Warren Fox, Owner, Marketing Impressions



It has enabled me unclutter my mind - Elaine McGleenan, Director of HR, KPMG



Willie’s approach to helping our top people unclutter their lives and de-stress is most fruitful. - Derry Gray, Managing Partner, BDO


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