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The science is crystal clear. When you learn how to focus and set your mind everything changes. But it’s not really about the science, is it?

It’s about the results that real people achieve - you’ve seen some of them in the video, you’ve seen their comments all over this site. It’s about real life stories.

Most importantly, it’s about your story and your new life story can start right here, right now.



The Secret to Happiness and Success

Since 1996, I’ve been helping my clients achieve success and happiness on their terms. They know how to focus, how to set their goals and achieve them - with the minimum effort.

Since 2018, I’ve been running The Psychology of Success Online Program - and all kinds of people all over the world now know the secret of success.

Of course, it’s not a secret at all and neither is it some quick life hack. Modern cognitive psychology and neuroscience confirm that you only need to take two steps to change your life: learn how to focus and set your subconscious or unconscious mind to achieve your goals.

When you’re in charge of what’s going on between your two ears, you don’t even need to manage stress (there is no more stress) and you don’t need to worry about things like self-esteem or self-confidence.

When you focus you change how you see everything, including yourself and, as a result, you change your life. That’s why, in the reviews you’ve seen or read, you’ll find my clients and online program owners describe what they have learned as: life changing, eye opening and the most important learning of my living and working life.

Modern cognitive psychology and neuroscience is very clear: when you learn to focus you rewire your brain. As a result, your brain’s key components communicate and behave differently. You become like a high-performing athlete… you start living in the zone.




The people in the above video are (in order of appearance):


Clodagh Hughes - Owner, Motive8

Duncan Graham - Director of Talent, Specsavers

Elaine McGleenan - Director of HR, KPMG

Emmet Browne - CEO, Nuritas

Holly Beckett - Owner, Focused Farmers

John Crowe - Owner, Kestrel Capital

Liz Wynn - Acupuncturist

Randy Fike - IT Project Manager

Shona Chambers - Qualified Financial Adviser

Warren Fox - Owner, Marketing Impressions


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