Owners of The Psychology of Success... in their own words


This program has dramatically improved my professional and personal endeavors.  The guidance has been invaluable and crucial to my growth, success and happiness.

In following the program I have landed the career of my dreams, spent ample time raising my family and lost 45lbs to become healthy and fit.

The Zoom sessions tied it all together providing clarity, perspective and camaraderie.  I would highly recommend this program without reservation.

Steve H

Senior IT Leader

Denver, CO, USA


I started listening to Willie on Facebook and Spotify at a time in my life when I felt like I was making a lot of bad decisions and going down the wrong roads. Within a very short time I was back on track and enjoying life again.

Willie has made it all very simple to follow and is always on hand if I ever have trouble understanding something. After a few weeks I joined the Online Program 'The Psychology Of Success'.

Once again I found it to be really simple to follow and the group zoom sessions with Willie and the other members are a great support. We talk about how the program is working for us as individuals and being able to ask questions live is really helpful.

My mind is clearer and there are no days where I feel down in the dumps. Willie has shown me how to grasp the moment and live my life to the full. I have found that I don’t miss out on opportunities that are good for me and I instinctively know when something is not.

The program is now a way of life for me and I will treasure it as long as I live.

Rosemary Creaven

London UK


I found my ideal job having followed this online program, and not in a way I would ever have expected. My engineer’s “logical” mind can’t even recall applying for the role! The sudden “bright idea” the night before the interview that ended up being a key part of my selection came from nowhere. Or did it?

Now I know that this entire sequence of events came from my application of what I’d learned in the program and subsequent Zoom calls with fellow “students”.

The program content is in ideal bite size elements that can be taken individually or in a block. I would recommend setting yourself a defined period of say a few weeks to complete it so that you get the full benefit.

Learn it then do it, it’s that simple. It’s still delivering results for me.

Philip McCabe

Engineer and Marketer



From the moment I committed to Willie Horton’s Psychology of Success programme my life improved in ways I could not have imagined.

The greatest benefit of this programme is gaining a deep understanding of how the mind works and how you can make it work for you.

The programme helped me to understand the importance of turning up to the present moment and how living your life in flow is the key to success.

The informational videos backed up by neuroscience are fascinating, and the beauty of the format is you can learn anytime and in small chunks.

Having the programme forever means you can revisit the material and absorb the information at a deeper level. The complementary Zoom meetings are always full of entertaining and enlightening discussions.

Willie Horton walks his talk with integrity, insight and an enormous amount of knowledge and understanding. I would say to anyone considering signing up to this programme – it’s a no-brainer! Do it and watch your life improve.

Justine McGrath

Executive Coach and Trainer at ProACTive Coaching

Dublin, Ireland


I joined Willie's online program one year ago. Since then I've had significant changes in my wellbeing.

I have gained peace of mind by having the ability of being able to control what goes on in my mind.

My relationship with my family and work colleagues has improved immensely.

I look forward to getting up in the morning and going to work whereas I didn't before I started the program.

I was conscious of what people thought of me but now I no longer care. I feel much happier and so much more content.

I am living my life now whereas before I was only existing and that to me is being successful.

I would highly recommend Willie Horton's online program. It has changed my life so much for the better.

Colin Boyle



I came across Willie Horton early 2019 via facebook. I followed with only very light interest at first and it wasn’t until 2020 when I saw his post for Psycology of Success that I got prompted in my mind to find out more.

As a coach I was eager to learn more tools and techniques, and science behind them, mostly for my clients. So that I could give them as much as I can.

I was not expecting to be doing so much myself! To say that the learning and practice has changed me is an understatement. I had already started meditating the previous year but withough the knowledge of what it really does for my success. Willie's programme has taken it to a whole other level of experience, and flow!

I have done other smaller group work with Willie since as the more I spend time in his presence, the more I learn and grow in every possible way.

I would highly recommend Willie's programme Pscyhcology of Success to anyone, and to be in his Facebook community is amazing. There are always nuggets to hear, and you can never hear them enough!

Fiona Brennan

Success Coach & Mentor



My name is Ciaran Camplisson. I am in my mid 50's, live near Glasgow in Scotland with my wife Jean and am a Civil Engineer.

I heard about Willie and The Psychology of Success programme from my sister who has been engaged with Willie on a range of mentoring support to her and her colleagues in a business in the west of Ireland for some years now. My sister has been through some tough things in the last few years and she has throughout been in a very positive frame of mind. A key part of that state of mind for her has been learning about herself and her mind through engagement with Willie.

I contacted Willie and joined the programme in October 2020.  It has been one of the best things I have done for myself. Engaging with Willie and other folk on the programme through chat and Zoom calls, progressing through the programme and starting to meditate a bit has:

  • Helped me to create time for myself and through that discipline I now have opportunities to talk to and think about myself, what I want, how I behave and how I feel.
  • Given me perspective on how I have been living my life and how I could live a more fulfilled life and benefit myself and those close to me. A clearing of the mist which has been disguising what really makes me happy and what my purpose really is.
  • Cherish individual things, experiences, sensations and moments now and focus less on the future and the past. A real awakening of my "self" from the mad rush of the life I have created form myself and lived all these years.
  • Prompted me to stop how I was "being". I am developing at my pace an ability to be present and to recognise and anticipate the importance that state of mind brings to all I want to do and to achieve and enjoy.
  • Eased the stress and worry in my life and allowed me to have a greater perspective on what is important and what is nonsense.
  • Exposed me to how much there is to learn and taken in but that positive changes in how I am can come from short regular meditation periods. I can develop and learn at my own pace. There is a huge reservoir of training and reference information available.

If I was to sum up in one sentence what the last 6 months engaging with Willie on The Psychology of Success programme has meant for me it would be to say:

"I am awakened to the "present" and increasingly I enjoy moments in my life and feeling alive and I see that growing and deepening through my meditation and attention to the only moment I have to experience, which is now."

Ciaran Camplisson



The thing that first drew me to The Psychology of Success program was a professional interest in the workings of the human mind and the idea that early childhood experiences can shape the adult personality. As a foundation stage teacher, I have always known that children learn what they live and this program has confirmed that but it has had a much bigger impact on my life than I could have imagined.

It has enabled me to begin to live life in the present moment rather than dwelling on past trauma or worrying about what the future holds.It has helped me ignore some of the 70,000 useless thoughts that plague me daily.

When I fall off the wagon Willie is right there with emails, Facebook Lives, Podcasts, Zoom meetings, a private Facebook Group and all this on top of the programme itself!

The Psychology of Success is a logical and science-based way of explaining how our minds work and all the synchronicities that I often noticed but thought it was only my imagination.The knowledge base menu clearly lays out the scientific facts and concepts which is really helpful.

The resources are endless and it is apparent that Willie is passionate about passing on his knowledge to clients. He is quick to respond to emails and is constantly adding to the programme.

I have reaped the benefits of this in both my professional and personal life. I now have the knowledge and resources to enable me to live the rest of my life where it matters… in the present moment and know that the possibilities are endless! Thank you Willie.

Christine O'Kane

Foundation Stage Teacher and SENCo


The Psychology of Success is a deeply supportive and enlightening programme on how to live a more conscious, more meaningful and rewarding existence. While I am relatively new to the programme, I can already see the benefits to me personally in my life and as an executive coach to my various clients.

Willie, through his engaging style and deep understanding of how the brain works brings you on a journey of challenge, discovery and wonder and allows you the opportunity to engage with and to understand the potential for being and doing that we all possess.

He is hugely supportive and generous with his time and knowledge both at the group level and on an individual basis. The multiple facets of the programme and the endless resources and supports that are made available make this one of the most rewarding and valuable educational journeys that I have ever undertaken.

Bryan Andrews

Managing Director

BA & Associates

Dublin, Ireland


I had read the books, been on the courses... you name it. I just wasn't happy and I knew there must be a science behind it but my brain was in overload and confused about the data out there. Things got worse! Willie talked sense on his introductory videos and so I decided to treat myself to his course.

Hooked, finally by someone who could explain things to me, backed up by science, I requested that he coached me 1-2-1 and I kept on track with his interactive group zoom sessions too. I still do as he truly hold us all accountable. I learned how to exercise my brain, identify what I had been doing wrong all these years and get myself into a state called 'Flow'.

The penny dropped. I started to enjoy life, identify opportunities to take me to where I wanted to be and park those ridiculous thoughts that do nothing but sabotage your very short life. It takes discipline don't get me wrong, but that in itself is a good thing because from discipline comes results, from results comes motivation and now I know how to start my mental engine every day and do what I need to get me to where I want to be.

I think we all need a coach, it's getting the right one. He is a very wise chap indeed!

Kay Kennedy

Manchester, UK


When I first met you I was no doubt searching for "something" and probably not sure of what that "something" was. Through various meetings and in particular partaking in the The Psychology of Success program you brought a lot of clarity to my search. I was stressed and worried about issues and how to deal with them. Meditating and understanding all the research behind it gave me great assurance in dealing with various issues. Since I started meditating my focus, reactions, listening, observing and present moment awareness have all improved enormously.

Tony Breen



Willie's Online Program has helped me to focus; while learning how to be present in the moment.

It has opened my eyes and my mind to what can be! I refer to the online program constantly as the information & expertise Willie provides is absolutely invaluable & I will be forever grateful for his time and help, especially on the Zoom sessions.

Thank you Willie for helping me to understand how to live in the present and to 'Just let go' so that the life I really want is what I will actually get!

Ger Diamond

Health Care Worker and an Independent Business Owner



Frankly,I was in a mess caused by an unexpected divorce and stumbled upon Willie and his program by accident (Or was it?) I needed help trying to get my head round my predicament but I needed scientific proof that this type of psychological approach would be beneficial. I followed my gut instinct and, after the first video knew it would be.

Although aligned with improving business acumen in many ways,I found it helped enormously in resetting other areas personally.

Willie's unique and engaging delivery is always worth paying attention to if you want to stop being a normal crazy person. Excellent advice on doing what you need to do to get to where you want to go!

Andy Hargreaves



Being part of Willie Horton's online program is the greatest gift I have given myself.  Having access to his 'mind library' whenever I want is the equivalent of having a wonderful book library  where you reach for the one most relevant book ( in this case video) and address whatever is happening for me  in that moment in his  short effective video format.

The Zoom calls add another layer of knowledge, information and fun! The facility to be able to listen back in my own time to either the online calls or videos  seals the success of this program for me.

If you are thinking of joining stop thinking ! Just do it.

It will be one of the greatest investments in yourself you will ever make.

It has changed my life in how I think and manage my mind.

Grateful for the access to this wonderful online program and the generous genius that is Willie Horton.

Margaret Hoctor

Co Owner of Kilmullen farm County Wicklow, Ireland

Guest Lecturer UCD  at the Innovation  Academy on Idea Generation and Marketing

National Speaker on Farm Diversification



I have recently joined the Online Program community so still a newbie - happy to say I'm  feeling a positive change in a short time which I wasn't expecting!   Just following the program in a few months  has helped me  develop relaxation and focus and let me see  the importance of dedicating  time to my well being in working toward living my life to the full.

I’ve enjoyed the learning and guidance as well as the opportunity to work at a pace that suits me.  I feel this  gives me ownership of my own development to move along when  I'm ready.

The Program has a big focus on meditation  and its benefits.  Practicing meditation as part of my day has helped me to stay in the moment. And understanding how it impacts the mind and body was truly an eye opener! 

It's a  very refreshing  community where ideas are discussed and shared freely and the regular meetings via Zoom with other people on the Program have been both fun and exciting.  The conversations are freewheeling with nuggets of info that always surprise!

I did take a while to decide to commit to this program but I have had great results in my life since I have joined and have been so enjoying the adventure and discovery of myself after many years of treading water.

Maureen McDowall (58 years)

Glasgow, Scotland


I first read Willie Horton’s book – ‘To Succeed Just Let Go’ about ten years ago and found it very interesting and insightful and recommended it to several friends.  I subsequently signed up for the Online Programme.

I have found it to be the best 'self-help' investment I ever made.  The programme and the concept itself is so powerful it continues to help me to 're-set' at any time, and to feel less stress and more effortless success in my daily life.  I continue to regularly listen to Willie, and his Zoom calls and method of delivery are never repetitive or stale.

Jim Flannery


Balcombes Claims Management


I have been looking for something to help me transition from my old way of thinking and feeling to an easier and calmer way of being, after years of negative thinking and self sabotage, depression and all the other tags that are out there I found Willie and his online program, The Psychology of Success.

Albeit I am very new to the program and I am still very much working things out, I have found that I am more aware of myself and I now have tools to help me when I get distressed, the weekly online webinars and zoom calls are amazing especially when you are feeling lost, they help you to refocus and start again.

Willie will always answer you when you comment or ask a question, so take the plunge and start your own journey to recovery.

Damien Mackey



I joined Willie's online program in the Autumn of last year and to date I have completed it three times. Every time I watch one of his easy to understand, always informative videos I learn something new.

His depth of knowledge and his over 25 years experience is surpassed only by his willingness to help me on my journey by answering any questions I may have through email or on our zoom sessions.

Since starting the course and completing the baby steps every day I have come to the conclusion that all is indeed well, thanks Willie.

Mark (51)

from Mayo, Ireland


Willie has the ability to connect on a level that inspired me to totally trust in the process, believing that living in the here and now has a ripple effect that impacts every aspect of my life. How I react in any challenging situation has improved in the time I have known Willie, thanks to his guidance and uniquely comfortable, informal delivery of both scientific information and nuggets of gold from conversations that lead to wonderful insights (what I learned about myself along the way). His reminders to breathe, to not be too hard on ourselves, to enjoy, to get off our hamster wheel of always striving for more, to allow life to happen, are all so very welcomed. This experience has brought me a greater sense of peace and I continue to choose the easy route and grow every day.

Anita Kealy

Oxford, UK


Investing in the online Psychology of Success course is the best decision I have ever made in my life. It is truly life changing. I realise that is a big statement but it is true. I am currently over half way through this course and I am already reaping the rewards. Every aspect of my life is enhanced and daily I am experiencing the benefits and joy of a new focused way of thinking.

The course is very carefully structured and brilliantly presented with clarity and warmth. The message is breathtakingly simple yet extraordinary at the same time. Consisting of a number of very short videos, each module is completely captivating and empowering. As each video came to an end, I could not wait for the next one to begin.

Willie Horton is a genius and he communicates his in-depth knowledge and expertise in the most caring, succinct, straight talking manner. Willie guides you through each module personally with a sincerity and passion that is palpable. There is mind boggling neuroscience at the heart of this course, however thankfully, Willie has translated all the science for us and the result is unbelievably simple.

PLEASE do not miss out on the life changing opportunity this course presents or you will never know what it is like to truly live your best life. I dearly wish I had known about this course years ago....do not hesitate and it will be the best decision you ever make.

Teena Doonan

Northern Ireland


I remember in school that I would often be distracted by so many different thoughts going through my head that I could not concentrate on the various subjects being taught. This of course led to poor results in my examinations. At the time I thought I was just not intelligent but I  now realise that it was just a lack of presence or being mindful.

I came across Willie Horton and his website while on Facebook. His introduction to meditation appealed to me because of his simple philosophy of becoming present and mindful of the present moment. I contacted Willie and engaged in a number of his meditation practices over the following weeks. Each morning before beginning my days work I spent time listening to some of the meditations on Willie's website. I could not believe how these few minutes suddenly calmed my mind to become totally aware of this moment in time right now right here and grounded me for the day ahead.

As a religious Friar my day is divided up into moments of prayer and meditation. These periods of meditation are opportunities for me to be present to Christ in my life. Because of all the various thoughts and distractions it was not always possible just to remain calm and silent in those moments. The practice of of meditation as taught by Willie has been a tremendous help to me in my own prayer life as well.

I cannot recommend Willie Horton highly enough to anyone seeking to learn the skills necessary and to practice meditation daily. Not only will meditation set you up for the day ahead but it can reduce anxiety and stress which sadly forms so much of our days now. 

Please try it for yourselves. You deserve it.

Br. Sean Kelly, OFM,Cap

Provincial Minister



I came across Willie Horton a number of years ago when the company I work with booked him to do a number of sessions with the staff.

I have to be honest I was very sceptical about meditation and the benefits that it could bring. However I embraced the sessions and enjoyed them. I started meditating first thing in the morning and I have to say to this day I have continue to do so. I work in a stressful environment and I felt the benefits quite quickly of meditating each day. I became calmer and much more focused.

I purchased the Psychology of Success program a couple of months after starting meditating and I have been following it over the years.

The program has given me an understanding of the science behind meditation and how it can have benefits for you in every aspect of your life.

It gave purpose to the meditation. By that I mean I wasn’t just living in the moment for a few minute it was helping me to see what I really wanted to do with my life. It has aided me in setting very clear goals both in my career and in my personal life, many of which I have achieved over the last few years. It has shown me the benefits of short meditations throughout the day. Before going into a meeting to take a minute to your self or even before responding to someone. I feel I have a much clearer thought process when I take that minute or two to meditate.

I have joined a number of Zoom meetings that Willie has organised over the years. Unfortunately because of time pressures I haven’t joined as many as I would like to have. However I do listen to the recording of the meetings. These meeting have shown me the benefits that so many people have gotten from meditating, the focus it has given them in setting and achieving their goals.

Since the start of the pandemic  I have found meditation to be a life saver. I have been working from home for most of the past year. It has given me focus and direction and has enabled me to set very different goals than I would have set in the past.


from Meath, Ireland


Having followed Willie's Facebook Live and undertaken the short courses that Willie so generously offers for FREE, I decided to join Willie's online programme.  It has been great at really explaining in depth all the subjects that Willie raises, including face to face discussions on some of Willie's recommended reading and a chance to ask all those questions.  It's a journey on the discovery of a new dimension.

Toni from Cyprus


"We are in this present moment as a result of the decisions we made or didn't make in the past"

The Psychology of Success explains the 'how' and the 'why' of the workings of the human mind, backed up with scientific research and how we can reprogramme through meditation.

My thought process has changed since starting this program. I think differently. I'm more focused, yet relaxed and have achieved a much better life, both at work and away from work.

I noticed change within ten days, as did those closest to me.


Airline Pilot


Four years ago my life was turned upside-down by a cruel sequence of events. However, when I turned to Willie's 'Psychology of Success' course, things began to start changing for the better, bit by bit.

It was important to me to find someone I could trust. Willie was and is that person.

I soon realised that Willie Horton was not only a very knowledgeable teacher but he is also an 'Altruistic Philanthropist' - willingly going the extra mile for his students at the drop of a hat.

Having become very sceptical over the last 4 years, Willie and his teachings have consistently encouraged a much more positive outlook from me.

Martyn Swain

London UK


I'm finding the group chats and videos presented by Willie as a breath of fresh air every time I listen to them. It's important, in this time and age, to step back and regather, refresh and reenergize your mind with regular meditating.

Brendan Waldron


I met Willie (online) last summer, I watched three free short videos as an introduction to his online course, "The Physiology of success" and even though I had some doubts before enrolling in it, I can certainly say now that this is one of the best decisions I have taken in my adulthood.

The course is great, granular and super-easy to follow. We have short videos with powerful advice that help us to stay grounded and focused. On top of that there are bi-weekly zoom calls with the group to explore different topics related to the main goal: Live here and now, Being present enjoying every single moment.

However the best part, in my view, is having the chance to share with Willie daily situations, doubts, concerns and learn from his experience and wisdom.

I thought I was enrolling to a course, however I got a friend, a guide, a counselor. Thank you Willie for being present in my life.

Isolina Moran

Team Lead IT Infrastructure

Ontario, Canada


I was introduced to Willie by a friand of mine, Jim Flannery, when he suggested I might like to read a book which he loaned me called "To Succeed, Just Let Go" by Willie Horton.

I was approaching an important milestone in my life, semi-retirement, having sold the company I had started over 30 years ago to the colleagues I had worked with for over 25 of those years. I needed to “freshen up “ my approach to the next stage of my life.

Following on from reading Willie’s book I began watching his weekly "moments" on his 4 minute videos every Thursday, which prompted me to want more than these weekly nuggets, so I joined the “Psychology of Success” course last year in 2020. I have not looked back and am so much more content living in the present, now, or whatever name you wish to call it.

Relaxation is a very powerful tool which Willie utilises which allows the mind and body to "Flow" in harmony, something like a large , slow meandering river, gliding gently on it’s own journey.

Every person is different, and also, at different and varying places in their own lives, but, the constant experience is, that everyone can only start the journey through the remainder of their lives from now... sounds simple, and it is.

What Willie does, is to assist each person in their decision making process, to find the course or journey they may wish to take, and then helps and assists that person along the way.

Each of us decides the journey we wish to take, with assistance, and is always our own individual, own personal journey. We decide our own path, speed, pace and rest stops along the way. Willie does not dictate the path, pace etc. as it’s not his journey we are all following, but our own private individual and personal one.

However, like a truly good sat-nav, Willie is there at all times, thanks to modern technology, on printed page, email, zoom, and video on the Course, when we need to be guided on our journey, with little snippets of help when we need it such as "maybe you should take a rest", "maybe you should go back to the last junction", "might be best to slow down a little", or simply "just keep going straight ahead”.

Personally, I find the quality of time lived each day, is significantly improved by relaxation and meditation as promoted and demonstrated by Willie. Most importantly for me are the many "mini meditations" which can occur anytime during the day whether it relate to work time, relationships, hobbies, sports, eating, drinking or just breathing.

The "Psychology of Success" course is a partner which can be relied on, and leaned on, at any moment on our gentle and relaxing journey forward, to wherever...

Joe Gogan

Semi Retired Insurance Consultant from Gogan Insurances, Ireland









The people in the above video are (in order of appearance):

Clodagh Hughes - Owner, Motive8

Duncan Graham - Director of Talent, Specsavers

Elaine McGleenan - Director of HR, KPMG

Emmet Browne - CEO, Nuritas

Holly Beckett - Owner, Focused Farmers

John Crowe - Owner, Kestrel Capital

Liz Wynn - Acupuncturist

Randy Fike - IT Project Manager

Shona Chambers - Qualified Financial Adviser

Warren Fox - Owner, Marketing Impressions





Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland has worked with Willie Horton over the last 11 years. Willie has worked with our leadership team on an individual basis and has also been an excellent facilitator in our team sessions. Willie has excellent experience working with high performance teams and he is very up to date on industry trends and best practice. His unique skill is his ability to get to know teams very quickly, understanding the 'magic' that makes them work and giving them the tools to develop and grow.  He is very professional, honest and trustworthy and I would highly recommend him as a business partner.

Shauna Crossan, Executive Director HR, Manufacturing Operations Europe, Allergan Pharmaceuticals


Willie Horton is one of the few people you come across in business life that positively influences, for the long run, what you do from both a professional and personal perspective. Instead of just more leadership training, Willie makes you work on your brain, helping you to focus on the present, being there - mindful. Don't expect traditional training but really an experience that helps you grow and improve over time. After the live sessions not only are teams sharing a common sense of purpose but also, with weekly short videos and reflections, you keep improving focus and mindfulness. A "must have" for every business person that benefits both work and personal life.

Bruno Bert, Director Maternal Nutrition, Nestlé, Vevey, Switzerland


In life we all encounter challenges and speed bumps which can affect our outlook and perspective and it's how we deal with these inconveniences is the differentiator.  Willie approaches these challenges differently and asks his participants to do likewise, and to be honest if your mind is open, the outcome can be transformational.  We all live in a very structured world and believe the norm is right, well it's not.  We don't live in a perfect world and we as individuals are not perfect.  Willie helps you understand your inner self and more importantly separate the woods from the trees in our life.  I can highly recommend you having your thinking and mind cleansed by spending time at Willie's workshops.

Vincent Nolan, Head of Financial Services, Musgrave Group


Willie's workshops are stimulating, challenging, unique and always interesting.  Stimulating because he presents a view on life and success that is totally different to what you may have heard before.  Challenging, because he puts it up to you to take control of your destiny. Unique, because you won't hear this stuff in the vast majority of management programs you go on, and interesting because Willie doesn't just preach his philosophy on life he lives it!

Clodagh Hughes, CEO, Motive8


This is a very different course and without doubt it has the potential to change the way you approach life, in a very positive way. Its attraction is in its simplicity. Willie's style of delivery is excellent and participants very quickly become immersed in the sessions. I'd recommend this course to anyone, I found it fantastic.

John Crowe, CEO, Kestrel Capital


Willie's workshops (and I have participated on three of them now) are wonderful advertisements for the benefits of sitting still, slowing down and finding some 'space to breathe'. What I find remarkable is the discipline that he demonstrates, with the publication of his weekly Ezines, to back up the words and ideas with his own practice and 'way of being'... and the unselfconscious generosity that he shows by sharing his insights. He's a rare and valuable gem!

Mike Alsop, Principal, Mike Alsop Development


I discovered Willie Horton many years ago as I had just taken on the leadership role for the site and was anxious to see if it might help. What started out as a concept of focusing the mind on what you are doing has now become an integral part of how we develop our long-term plans, how we execute those plans and is absolutely a key ingredient for our continued success as an organisation.

Pat O'Donnell, SVP Global Manufacturing, Allergan Pharma


I have just completed your online workshop, and wanted to drop you a note to say how interesting and useful I found it.  What you have put together for use over the web is excellent and I am really impressed by the format and scope.  Loved your use of humour as well, there is nothing worse than people taking themselves or life too seriously!  Great tools which I will continue to use everyday, thank you.

Emma Graham, Image and Lifestyle Consultant


Willie introduces people to a new way of looking at things, which is very different in a positive way. The techniques, insights and discussions with Willie promote an enduring and fresh  way of approaching both your career and life balance. Willie's workshops are great for taking time out from a busy schedule in order to reflect on things with like minded people. I highly recommend Willie's work and would encourage others to get involved.

John O'Connor, Project Director, ESB


Simply put ...'I went; I listened; and I believe!' Truthfully it was without doubt the best two days I have ever spent in a room. I suppose I am a pessimist by nature; however'I now shave with my left hand, at least once a week!' and it definitely keeps me focused on what is important to me!' I truthfully have not looked back since that two day work shop and everyday, without thinking about it within the 24 hrs I find myself reflecting on some part of what you said, which immediately gives me a reality check and points me in the direction I need to go... even my little girl talks about 'the now' ! Again many thanks for unlocking a part of me that I never knew existed! ...Life is good!!!

John Clifton, General Manager, Burlington Hotel


I have had the pleasure to be acquainted with Willie for more than 10 years. I and my teams have benefited greatly from his insights, his words of wisdom and his no nonsense approach to help us 'focus' and realise our true potential. Willie's delivery is unique and the lack of formalities involved in his workshops creates for a perfect atmosphere. Willie's outstanding attribute is his ability to simplify what might initially appear to be a complex issue. While I and my colleagues attended Willie's work-shops in a corporate capacity, we soon learnt that the benefits are equally as applicable in one's personal capacity. If you are struggling to focus and are not living in the 'here and now', I would highly recommend you engage with Willie.

Alan Downey, GM, Nestlé Nutrition


Willie Horton has been engaged by BDO for over eight years. Myself and a number of the Partners have found Willie's approach to helping our top people to unclutter their lives and  de-stress to be most fruitful. Willie has an amazing knack for understanding the stress points in professional services delivery and indeed the stress points in modern existence irrespective of work pressures. While Mindfulness is a word we are hearing more and more, Willie has an introduction, delivery and perspective on mindfulness which brings into real life and practical life. I would highly recommend Willie Horton to help you and your teams to separate the chaff from the wheat and make some sense of our information packed lives.

Derry Gray, Managing Partner, BDO


I attended your Dublin Chamber event on Tuesday and bought your book about a month prior. May I just say that you have changed my life forever, I'm starting to take control and doing 'nothing' is being very productive for me.

Michael Morrisroe, Managing Director, GPX Global Systems


I found the session very interesting and stimulating. It really provides great insights into the process of achieving better focus, and reducing the impact of distractions.

Ronan Nolan, Chairman, Deloitte and President Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland


Living in the Here and Now and learning to Act instead of spending time thinking has been the most important learning I have had in my living and working life.  Willie Horton helped me to learn how to act and really live in the here and now and it has changed my life.

Donald Williamson, Sales Director, Britvic


We end 2009 as Wyeth's high ranking and highest performing affiliate globally.  I recognize that this success would not have been possible without the outstanding support and assistance which you personally brought to our table.  The memories of our interactions, discussions, debates and friendship with you Willie are very dear ones to us.  I look forward to maintaining our friendship for many years to come.

Emmet Browne, Chief Executive, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals


Extraordinary and insightful.  If you only ever attend one course in your life.... this is the one!  Willie's depth of knowledge and research is unrivalled.  He delivers his message in an entertaining yet precise fashion giving everyone who attends the tools to go out and finally live their life to the full.

Warren Fox, Managing Director, Marketing Impressions


Through my engagement with Willie I have learned to look at life and its challenges from a much broader perspective. He has given me the insight and direction from which I can choose to change my life path as I see fit and commit to.   I believe the challenge is great and the rewards will be even greater for all those I love.

Billy Finn, Executive Chairman, Ark Life


I have worked with Willie over the last three years both in groups and individually. He has an exceptionally well developed ability to put into context the specific set of circumstances you find yourself in and has the coaching skills necessary to formulate in a clear and concise manner, how you can apply purposeful mindfulness to achieve the goals you set yourself. It is clear from his style of delivery that he has worked in and understands real business environments where what should be done and what is done don't always match. While knowing Willie I have met numerous people who have seen value in working with him on several occasions over a period of time to deepen their understanding of purposeful mindfulness and how best to apply it for true success.

Philip McCabe, Country Brand Leader, Nestlé Nutrition Ireland


I have attended a number of Willie Horton's workshop sessions over the last few years.  I liked the balance that Willie struck between being able to reference latest brain science research while distilling things into concrete tangible steps that workshop participants could incorporate into their busy day-to-day lives.  Another balance that he strikes is between his interest in facilitating people's growth and his preparedness to challenge people to take responsibility for their own choices.  What's more Willie manages to strike these balances while keeping a thread of humour running through the sessions.  Attending one of Willie's workshops is like pulling into a service station for a fill-up of high-grade fuel to set you up for the journey ahead.  To be recommended!

Peter Mohan, Managing Director, ClearMind


Willie approaches his subject with deep knowledge, enthusiasm, insight, challenge and energy, he enabled me to understand the importance and relevance of maintaining focus in the present. I have practiced this approach for the last 7 years and I recognise that heightened awareness of self and others in the present is very powerful when engaging with complex and demanding issues. Indeed I have found that this focus when maintained is enriching in all aspects of my life. I would like to thank Willie for enabling me to gain this knowledge and for staying in touch over the years with many useful reminders.

Michael Owens, HR Director, VHI Healthcare and President CIPD Ireland


I have been a repeat participant in Willie Horton's courses and have found them really useful in giving me a 360 degree view, a very welcome perspective from which to move forward. Knowing your strengths and working from your known strengths has been a key learning; taking time out to consider, a simple and effective transformation tool and the stimulus of contemporary thinking on what makes success, that Willie himself brings, a stimulating insight.

Gina Quin, President, National College of Ireland


Willie Horton delivered Masterclass sessions in Dublin and Belfast for the Association for Coaching In Ireland.  His is highly engaging and informative but with a real challenge to coaches to reflect on their practice and develop themselves to deliver even better outcomes for their clients and their business. He provided lots of practical tools and take-aways and his sessions were very positively rated by our members. We plan to work with him again soon in Ireland.

Niamh Shiells, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Association for Coaching


Willie's workshop has enabled me to see all the possibilities that I have in life and to go after those possibilities knowing I will be successful without any doubt in my mind whatsoever. Once this realisation sinks in, everything becomes so easy and totally fulfilling. I couldn't recommend this course strongly enough...you just need an open mind and the world is truly your oyster.

Gabielle Coultry, Management Consulting Director, Deloitte


Since I attended your workshop eighteen months ago, much has changed in my life for the better, both professionally and personally.  Thank you.

Joe Quinn, COO, JurysInns Hotel Group


The course made me realise that the 'normal' approaches to business and life are not necessarily the right ones. Going back to your college frame of mind, not worrying when you can take action and not worrying when it's beyond your control frees you up to get on with work and life.

Lynn Malone, Brand Manager, Diageo


My three days of workshops with Willie Horton have had a disproportional impact on my effectiveness at work, compared to all other training and personal development courses I have engaged in.  Highly recommended.

John Crowley, Managing Director, Pinnacle Project Partners





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