How Change Your Life in Two Simple Steps


The Online Program for Life

I mean that both ways... this will change your life and you have lifetime access to The Program

Learn exactly what's holding you back from having the life you really want

Learn exactly how to take control of your mind and set it to achieve your goals

Join - live online - our tribe of fellow-travellers... learn what it has meant to them

Start using the piece of equipment between your two ears to achieve the happiness and success you'd really, really like


What is The Psychology of Success?

The Online Program gives you the structured steps - that you can take at your own pace - to start changing you life today. It contains:

  • 80+ short training videos - the small steps to change your life
  • Monthly live video conferences with Willie Horton
  • 20+ hours audio playback of live video group conversations
  • 120+ "mental fitness" exercises - Traing your mind to be in Flow
  • Knowledge base - all the science behind your new life
  • Private Facebook Group

For more information download the detailed Program Features (PDF)


Enrolment is Currently Closed

I take each new group of Program Owners through their initial steps in the Program - we have a few live online conversations before they join the main group. That means that I can only open the Program for enrolment from time to time... and we're currently closed!

If you'd like to join the Wait List - and while you're waiting get immediate access to 600+ free videos and tips (and a new video each Thursday free to your inbox) simply click below... you begin your journey right now.




Thank you Willie for helping me get out of my own way. Everything is now so much easier - Clodagh Hughes, Owner, Motive8



The most important learning of my living and working life - Donald Williamson, Sales Dirctor, Britvic



Thanks Willie... I now know that I can achieve anything I want to. - Warren Fox, Owner, Marketing Impressions



Love your use of humour as well, there is nothing worse than people taking themselves or life too seriously! Great tools which I will continue to use every day, thank you - Emma Graham, Image and Lifestyle Consultant



I know exactly what I want and it was like the tooth fairy came overnight - Liz Wynn, Acupuncturist



The techniques, insights and discussions with Willie promote an enduring and fresh way of approaching both your career and life balance. I highly recommend Willie’s work and would encourage others to get involved - John O'Connor, Generation Projects, ESB




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