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Simple Steps to Change Your Life

Learn how to change how you think in this heavy-duty light-hearted show where I’ll teach you how to start living the kind of life you’d really love - I’ve been teaching my clients just that since 1996... you’ll meet some of them on the show.

I’m Willie Horton and I’m a psychologist - originally from Dublin Ireland, I live the kind of life I love… in the French Alps. Each week we’ll be exploring what I’ve been exploring in my weekly videos since 2008… but in the kind of easy detail that will make sure you start taking action straight away.

The really cool news is: what you need to do to change you life is breathtakingly simple - oooh and it’s all validated by the very latest in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

You can really get involved too - we can start talking in my private Facebook Group called, rather oddly!... To Succeed… Just Let Go.




Thank you Willie for helping me get out of my own way. Everything is now so much easier - Clodagh Hughes, Owner, Motive8



I have had the pleasure to be acquainted with Willie for more than 10 years. I and my teams have benefited greatly from his insights, his words of wisdom and his no nonsense approach to help us ‘focus’ and realise our true potential. - Alan Downey, Finance Director, Kelloggs Europe



I discovered Willie Horton many years ago as I had just taken on a new leadership role. What started out as a concept of focusing the mind on what you are doing has now become an integral part of how we develop our long-term plans, how we execute those plans and is absolutely a key ingredient for our continued success as an organisation - Pat O'Donnell, SVP Global Operations, Allergan



Thanks Willie... I now know that I can achieve anything I want to. - Warren Fox, Owner, Marketing Impressions



What I find remarkable is the discipline that he demonstrates, with the publication of his weekly videos, to back up the words and ideas with his own practice and 'way of being'... and the unselfconscious generosity that he shows by sharing his insights. He's a rare and valuable gem! - Mike Alsop, Owner, Mike Alsop Development


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