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Simple Steps to Change Your Life


Every week, since 2008, I've been producing a free weekly video, a quick tip that can be put into practice there and then, a little reflective piece (called a Reflection!) and, most weeks...


A Normal Crazy People story: people on the journey to peace of mind often have to contend with the madness around them and, as we all agree, we can either choose to have the Normal Crazies drag us into their little dramas or... we can laugh at the sideshow!


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And, then, from time to time, I'll offer you a free intensive Online Training Program - something I do a couple of times each year.


The key takeaway? There's an abundance of free resources right here to enable you... Change Your Life.


I thought I was enrolling to a course, however I got a friend, a guide, a counselor.

Isolina Moran - Ontario, Canada


In following the program I have landed the career of my dreams, spent ample time raising my family and lost 45lbs to become healthy and fit.

Steve H - Denver, CO, USA


Willie has shown me how to grasp the moment and live my life to the full. I have found that I don’t miss out on opportunities that are good for me and I instinctively know when something is not.

Rosemary Creaven - London UK


Willie is hugely supportive and generous with his time and knowledge both at the group level and on an individual basis.

Bryan Andrews - Dublin Ireland


I think differently. I'm more focused, yet relaxed and have achieved a much better life, both at work and away from work. I noticed change within ten days, as did those closest to me.

Mark - UK


It has enabled me to begin to live life in the present moment rather than dwelling on past trauma or worrying about what the future holds.

Christine O'Kane - Ireland


Having become very sceptical over the last 4 years, Willie and his teachings have consistently encouraged a much more positive outlook from me.

Martyn Swain - UK



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