It's Time to Take the Test... or, actually, the mini-MMI*



Ever sense that there is more to life but you're not quite sure how to go there? Ever get the feeling that there's some sort of invisible barrier or glass ceiling in your way? Do you want to achieve new goals and start living life to the full?

Well, you're not alone: the normal mind (and how the normal brain is actually wired) is designed to keep you safe and sound in your comfort zone... even if your comfort zone isn't really that comfortable at all.

That doesn't mean that you're stuck: modern cognitive psychology and neuroscience confirm that we're all so much closer to unleashing our potential than our normal thinking mind realises

How close are you? Time to take the test.



* The Mindfulness Measurement Index (MMI© Willie Horton, 2008) is I widely-used psychology-based coaching tool that evaluates the seven components of purposeful mindfulness. The Test, a mini version of the MMI©, will provide you with detailed feedback and results.







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