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The more we talk through, explore and immerse ourselves in the science and the real-life experiences of people who are changing their lives, the further we venture forward on the adventure of a lifetime. So, in addition to my free weekly videos and tips (which I've been publishing each Thursday since 2008) and, in addition to my weekly Facebook Lives (which I've been doing since November 2019), I've been publishing The Podcast since October 2020 - episodes are available at 9.00am (my time, French time!) every Wednesday moring.

When you click on the episodes below, you'll also find each week's Show Notes and any related links.


All the Episodes

Episode #138 : Starting Afresh

Episode #137 : Applied Mindfulness

Episode #136 : How to Use Your Mind in a Life-Changing Way

Episode #135 : Adventurer or Toe-Dipper?

Episode #134 : The Law of Attraction

Episode #133 : How to Put Your Thinking Mind in Neutral

Episode #132 : The Success that Flows from the Enlightenment of Being

Episode #131 : Everyone's a Winner

Episode #130 : Self-Awareness, Self-Discovery and Flow

Episode #129 : Persistence, Belief and Synchronicity

Episode #128 : The Inevitability of Your Success

Episode #127 : How Change Works in Practice

Episode #126 : Success and Happiness... Now

Episode #125 : What Other People Think of You

Episode #124 : Letting Your Life Fall Into Your Lap

Episode #123 : Stop Wasting Your Time on the Holiday Brochures!

Episode #122 : Clearing Your Muddled Mind - Day and Night

Episode #121 : Annoyance, Frustration, Anxiety, Stress - An End To It All

Episode #120 : Random Events That Change Your Life

Episode #119 : The Experience of a Lifetime

Episode #118 : This One Step Will Change Everything

Episode #117 : Reflecting, Appreciating and Experiencing

Episode #116 : Following the Treasure Map of Your Life

Episode #115 : Practical Exercises in Awareness

Episode #114 : You Need a Good Slap Across the Face

Episode #113 : Luxury, Experience and Reflection

Episode #112 : How to Take Control of Your Life

Episode #111 : Forget the Past

Episode #110 : All Good Things Come to Those Who Are

Episode #109 : Doubting, Discovery and Acceptance

Episode #108 : What a Difference When You Come to Your Senses

Episode #107 : Doing Your Own Thing

Episode #106 : The 4 Secrets to Changing Your Life

Episode #105 : How to Get What You Would Dearly Love to Experience

Episode #104 : The Little Choice That Will Change Your Life

Episode #103 : People Do Awful Things to Each Other

Episode #102 : How Would You Know What You Want?

Episode #101 : How to Find Perfect Balance in Your Life

Episode #100 : It's Only a Matter of Time

Episode #99 : Family Matters - Part 11

Episode #98 : Family Matters - Part 1

Episode #97 : Downhearted? Prepare to Amaze Yourself

Episode #96 : You're Living with a Normal Crazy Person

Episode #95 : Step Two (of Two) to Living Your Life Your Way

Episode #94 : Practical Meditation

Episode #93 : Flashes of Brilliance and Your Ideal Life

Episode #92 : How to Get What's Best for You

Episode #91 : How to Make Your Best Decisions

Episode #90 : Yes, You Deserve to Live Whatever Life You Truly Want

Episode #89 : The Signs that Lead You to the Life You Want

Episode #88 : Life Stories - Your Health Is Your Wealth

Episode #87 : Your Personal Evolutionary Advantage

Episode #86 : Synchronicity and How It Will Change Your Life

Episode #85 : Life Lessons and the Waste of Worry

Episode #84 : When You Turn Up to Your Own Life

Episode #83 : How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Episode #82 : Effortlessly Dancing Through Your Life

Episode #81 : Treat Yourself to the Life You'd Love

Episode #80 : When Are You Planning to Start Living?

Episode #79 : Living Your Life in Flow

Episode #78 : All You Have to Do is Know

Episode #77 : War & Peace or Putting Your Baggage Down!



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