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The more we talk through, explore and immerse ourselves in the science and the real-life experiences of people who are changing their lives, the further we venture forward on the adventure of a lifetime. So, in addition to my free weekly videos and tips (which I've been publishing each Thursday since 2008) and, in addition to my weekly Facebook Lives (which I've been doing since November 2019), I've been publishing The Podcast since October 2020 - episodes are available at 9.00am (my time, French time!) every Wednesday moring.

When you click on the episodes below, you'll also find each week's Show Notes and any related links.


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Episode #85 : Life Lessons and the Waste of Worry

Episode #84 : When You Turn Up to Your Own Life

Episode #83 : How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Episode #82 : Effortlessly Dancing Through Your Life

Episode #81 : Treat Yourself to the Life You'd Love

Episode #80 : When Are You Planning to Start Living?

Episode #79 : Living Your Life in Flow

Episode #78 : All You Have to Do is Know



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