The thing that first drew me to The Psychology of Success program was a professional interest in the workings of the human mind and the idea that early childhood experiences can shape the adult personality. As a foundation stage teacher, I have always known that children learn what they live and this program has confirmed that but it has had a much bigger impact on my life than I could have imagined.

It has enabled me to begin to live life in the present moment rather than dwelling on past trauma or worrying about what the future holds.It has helped me ignore some of the 70,000 useless thoughts that plague me daily.

When I fall off the wagon Willie is right there with emails, Facebook Lives, Podcasts, Zoom meetings, a private Facebook Group and all this on top of the programme itself!

The Psychology of Success is a logical and science-based way of explaining how our minds work and all the synchronicities that I often noticed but thought it was only my imagination.The knowledge base menu clearly lays out the scientific facts and concepts which is really helpful.

The resources are endless and it is apparent that Willie is passionate about passing on his knowledge to clients. He is quick to respond to emails and is constantly adding to the programme.

I have reaped the benefits of this in both my professional and personal life. I now have the knowledge and resources to enable me to live the rest of my life where it matters… in the present moment and know that the possibilities are endless! Thank you Willie.

Christine O'Kane

Foundation Stage Teacher and SENCo


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