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Coaching Videos & Tips - October 31 2018 No. 580


What's the difference between "setting your mind" and, as this video suggests, filling your mind with the things that move you towards what you really want to achieve? Today's video is well worth (exactly!) four minutes of your time...


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OK, a number of you have more questions about goal-setting (it's the subject I get most asked about) so... there's one more final video in this series! And you also have the links (below) to all the others:

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Reflections on Mindfulness

I've been talking to lots of you over the last couple of weeks - in preparation for a new adventure I'm about to take online (keep an eye on your inbox for that one!) - and, amongst all the good stuff we've been talking about, the old chestnuts of anxiety and worry still raise their ugly little heads... yes, even when we're flying along in the zone, we can still feel the pangs and, although they are, more often than not, quickly consigned to the corner, it's funny (not) how they're still knocking around.

You have, as no doubt you're fed up hearing, 70,000 thoughts in your head each waking day. They often cross into our consciousness randomly. But they are not random thoughts...

Your thoughts are resident in your subconscious - the stuff of which the programs, which enable you put one foot in front of the other, are made. And those thoughts are always with us. It should not, then, come as a surprise that, even after years of practice and development of our focus, they raise those ugly little heads of theirs! What your focus and mindfulness enables you do is let the thoughts that raised their heads lower them again, without you giving them an ounce of your attention.

Like everything else in life, we have a choices moment-to-moment and once of those momentary choices which we must exercise regularly is the one that lets those thoughts pass on by. That means, of course, that you don't just need to become mentally fit, you need to stay mentally fit. What have you done about that today?

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

You might already be aware of this but, in many of the big software and IT companies, there is always someone on hand to offer you a new MacBook or laptop - that's not because these things grind to a halt regularly (although they often do) but because, normal crazy people being normal crazy people, programmes and software designers, in their anger and frustration, regularly fire their hardware in the general direction of some really hard surface!

Yes, you could spend days developing something and, literally, throw it away in a fit of rage! And then, take a week to get yourself up and running again.

And, just in case you're one of those people prone to the odd angry outburst, you should know that, whilst everyday stress shortens your life expectancy, regular anger is directly correlated with coronary disease!


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