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Coaching Videos & Tips - August 29 2018 No. 572


This is Session #2 in our series on how to set your mind to get what you want - or what is best for you - out of life. It's a HOW TO series... follow this series and your life will unavoidably change.


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We started last week, we're building this week and, over the coming weeks, we'll have a complete blueprint for how to set your mind to achieve objectives beyond where your normal thinking thinks that you can go:

#1: The Fear of Success

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Reflections on Mindfulness

I think I'll have another go at talking about presence again today - mainly because lots of people that I talk to simply don't seem to get it... without presence we are buried in the world of thought, trying to figure out what's going on in the same way that you'd squint through a filth-encrusted window to see the world outside. The analolgy is perfect, because, in comparison to the world beyond, our thoughts are filth indeed.

Any thought distances from reality. I'm not talking about the thoughts that we need to engage whilst doing our work... for example, I need to carefully consider how I say what I say to up the chances of getting my message across; an electrician has to consider what goes where in a fuse box; an architect needs to employ his or her finely honed skills in the pursuit of design; etc. etc.... you understand.

The thought that I'm talking about is the constantly recurring nonsense in our heads: I wish I wasn't shy; I'm uncomfortable making a presentation; I hate my job/boss/commute/life (delete as appropriate!)... the filth that makes it impossible to know what is going on in the here and now. And, as you no doubt know from your own experience, the thought doesn't need to be a negative one... for example, looking forward to going home this evening takes you away from the task at hand!

The bigger and more important point, however, is that these useless thoughts don't just distance us from the here an now - they distance us from ourselves. And the distance those thoughts put between us means that, not only is it difficult to see now, it's almost impossible to begin to visualize what I might really, really want.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Got embroiled in something of an argument at the market last Saturday morning!

I was chatting to the guy who was serving me - debating the relative merits of a couple of different cheeses when the lady standing next to me informed me that I could freeze the particular cheese I was going to buy... something I never knew!

However, the lady the other side of me disagreed - the humidity level of the cheese in question would make it unsuitable for freezing. There followed an argument as to which types of cheese you can and cannot freeze, with the cheese expert behing the counter not being allowed to get a word into the fray!

As I said, I was embroiled, not necessarily involved!


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