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Coaching Videos & Tips - October 18 2018 No. 578


Wishing, hoping and wanting will never, ever get you to where you would wish, hope or want to go... but expecting it to happen will. But expecting what, exactly? Well, perhaps, "exactly" is the thing that stumps us...


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Reflections on Mindfulness

Our thoughts don't just tie us in knots. They are designed so that we conform and stay within the boundaries that conformity demands. Using our normal thought processes, not only will never be able to imagine new and exciting outcomes for ourselves, even if we could those same thought processes would deny us the necessary belief that we could reasonably expect our grand outcomes to actually come to fruition... we are hamstrung at every turn. That is, of course, if we use our normal thought processes!

That is why the videos, over the last eight weeks including this one, are probing and prompting you to reflect and consider things from a non-thinking perspective. We've talked about dreams, daydreaming, imagining and expecting. We have not talked about action planning, milestones, SWOT analysis or any of the, frankly, rubbish that we tend to employ in the futile expectation that it will get us from here to where we want to go. Indeed, even "where we want to go" is unthinkable using ordinary thought processes.

There is part of you that wants to break out of the boundaries created by conformist normal crazy thinking and this is the part of you to which you must appeal - although, I will freely admit, that appeal is far too effortful a word. That's why we need to daydream - uninhibited by normal thinking "what if's" or "that's unrealistic". We need to call on our positive mental resources - something I explore right at the end of today's video.

Above all, we have to understand that the only thing that stands between us and life "in flow" or "in the zone", a life "lived to the full" is our own thoughts.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

"Public transport is wonderful were it not for the traveling public" - so says a client who commutes on public transport daily. But, without the traveling public, where would I get half my normal crazy stories?

Traveled to and from Paris last weekend by TGV. And, unlike a normal commute, my fellow travellers were out of routine and all the crazier.

We had the lady who refused to remove her luggage from a fellow passenger's reserved seat - the train's "Controller" had to be called. And, then, she refused to store it but, instead leave it in the aisle for everyone (including the Controller) to trip over.

And we had the gent who, every few minutes, moved from one seat to another (even though all seats are reserved) so that, when someone returned from the dining car, he had to be ejected... the Controller again!


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