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Coaching Videos & Tips - September 13 2018 No. 574


This is Session #4 in our series on how to set your mind to get what you want - or what is best for you - out of life. It's a HOW TO series... follow this series through to the end and you'll have gained new insights and new understandings about you and your life.


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Reflections on Mindfulness

We all have dreams - not just hopes, wishes and wants - we actually have dreams. Or, if we don't have them now, we have nurtured dreams in the past - perhaps when we were young and foolish and thought that you could actually get what you want from life!

And, as we've grown older and wiser (that's a joke by the way or it certainly is when it comes to normal crazy people), we realize that life will knock you about the place a bit and you'd be better off setting for what you have or, at least and if possible, a less stressed version of it.

We're designed to settle for things - to settle for our lot in life. 10,000 years ago it was safer to settle for the routine... adventure was dangerous so we developed systems to keep us away from doing anything too out-of-the-ordinary. Nowadays, the danger is in settling for what we have - it numbs the mind, dulls the senses, leads to tedium which is the first little baby step on the road to mindless low-level background stress - what the World Health Organization has dubbed the "silent killer" - more people will die from it in the developed world this century than anything else.

So remind - I actually mean re-mind - yourself of your dreams. Dust them off, polish them up and turn yourself on. This is your life and, as a good friend said to me recently, none of us is going to get out of the alive. As I say opposite, timing is everything - and the time for living is now.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Back in April, the local authority started work to enhance the town's square - new wider pavements so the cafes and bars have more table room, new paving, new mature trees... all to be ready for the influx of tourists from July 14th onwards. Well, the tourists have come and gone, wading through piles of sand, climbing over stacks of paving stone and, now that everyone's gone, the work is almost finished too!

With the same degree of perfect timing, I walked past the primary school yesterday morning - seven school days into the new year. All the children were lined up in the school yard behind a metal barrier that kept them at bay while a workman painted the school gates... something they had had the whole summer to do.

Timing is everything!


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