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Coaching Videos & Tips - September 4 2018 No. 573


This is Session #3 in our series on how to set your mind to get what you want - or what is best for you - out of life. It's a HOW TO series... follow this series and your life will unavoidably change.


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Reflections on Mindfulness

Isn't it interesting that a number of people have contacted me, wondering why I'm talking about what you "really, really want" when, for the most part, we've been brought up to "take the rough with the smooth" or "grin and bear it". Or, as I have pointed out to people on more than one occasion, heaven forbid (I think I mean that literally) that I should enjoy myself in this life... because I'll sure as hell (and I mean that literally too) bay for it in the next! So a good Irish (or as has been pointed out to me, a good English, French or German) education would have us believe.

Your life is what you make it. Unfortunately, on autopilot (as we all are in our default state of mind) we generally make a meal of it - or, perhaps, a complete hash of it. And, all too often, when we do mess things up, we simpyl move on to our next repeat performance. We are creatures of habit... and habits come in small, medium, large and XXL! But, of course, on autopilot, how could we be anything else.

But let's remember that our lives really and truly are what we make of them. Our behaviour (or misbehaviour) creates the reactive misbehaviours of others which, in turn, creates a shadow version of "reality"... something that is often many miles removed from the reality that we could all experience were we only to set about (on a daily basis) clearing our minds. Hence my enduring emphasis on meditation.

Meditation doesn't just clear your mind for now. It clears your vision of what might be. And that is what this seres is really all about. What would you like "what might be" to be?

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

In our video series, we're talking about getting what you really, really want or, more to the point, what is best for you. And, as I've already pointed out, normal thinking won't figure this one out for you. A case in point...

Some time ago, a client told me that he wanted to be a Sales Director in a financial firm... and he wanted it badly. I suggested to him that his focus was too narrow, too "normal" - but he wasn't having any of it and set his mind to achieving his objective. And, as life is a string of self-fulfilling prophecies (something I'll come back to in a later video), he was duly appointed.

SIx months later he 'phoned me: "As you know, I climbed to the top of the hill" he started "and, six months in, not only do I not like the view, I'm pretty sure that I've wasted years climing the wrong hill"!


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