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Coaching Videos & Tips - September 19 2018 No. 575


We're already five videos into this series and, today, I pause to provide a little clarification for a couple of people who, at the mention of dreams, thought I might be losing the plot... but you know what good "thought" has ever done!


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Reflections on Mindfulness

We believe, perceive and achieve according to our expectations. And it would be true to say that the vast majority of us is content with living down to them! The primary reason (actually, it's just a thought-fuelled excuse) is that going beyond our conditioned expectations would be unrealistic.

Last week, I talked about dreams - and it took a couple of people by surprise. In today's video, I clarify (or have a go at it anyway) the hard scientific basis of what we're actually talk about... re-setting our expectations. You cannot, none of us can, simply decide "I expect something different" - that would akin to deciding on a wish list as non-sensical as the average list of New Year's Resolutions. You have to redefine what you believe in a way that your "gut" gets it.

And that's why I am sticking with the word "dreams". Normal thinking, by the very definition of the fact that it is "normal", will simply neither figure out what it is you really want (out of this week, month or life) nor will it impact your subconsciously held beliefs. Appealing to the thinking mind to figure out what you really want is like asking yourself to logically figure out an answer to an unknown question.

Your gut instinct has the answer. This is the realm of the logically unknown and unknowable, the depsitory of who you think you are but, more importantly, who you'd really like to be. It is the place of insight and inspiration, the land of new ideas. We get a glimpse of it when we have an "Aha" or "Eureka" moment, when a penny drops.

You need to get in touch with your dreams. Then, we can get talking about how to reset your expectations... because that is where we're headed next.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Today's offering could be described as a ripping yarn!

A good friend's father died a couple of years ago - her father having been well-known and loved in his particular field of endeavour, to the point that the newspaper in her area published a glowing obituary, with a lovely picture. The newspaper's editor told my friend that he had had a dozen copies of the paper delivered to the front desk of her place of work.

Arriving back from lunch, she picked up the bundle of copies and closed her office door to have a good read. But on opening each one of the twelve copies, she discovered that the page with the obituary had been ripped out.

When she went back to ask the girl on the front desk if she knew anything about it, she discoverd all the ripped up pages in the trash... the receptionist informed her: "I simply do not like you, never did!"


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