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As you know, there are some things in life from which we should pretty much never take a holiday. This week's Video explains.





This Week's Reflection


The holidays are (largely) over - and so they need to be because there are important steps that we need to take each day to enable us do the things that we need to do to create the kind of life that we really want to live.

The sad fact of the matter, though, is that, normally, we've all taken a holiday from reality - and, as it turns out, it's the "Holiday from Hell" - akin to living in a nightmare, when we could be (and I quote from a number of clients and Program Owners) "Living the Dream".

The difference is a stunning as night and day, darkness and light, anxiety and joy. And it all comes down to the most important actions that you and I need to take each and every day - that's why you probably should never take a holiday from meditating!

When we clear our mind, we begin to experience that difference, we begin to step off the Sorry-Go-'Round of what passes for living. We begin to truly live by simply living in the moment.

And, yet, that is just the doorway to the kind of life we can have or, more to the point, the kind of life that your heart desires, that you rightly would love to live.

I've just been talking with someone about bereavement and how living in the moment enables us live with our loss. But, as I said to here, the real thing that we all need to do is move on... to where we want our life to be.

This is your challenge or, in actual fact, it is not. Because, deep down, you know what you want your life to be (it is not the same as thinking that you know - it's a "deep down thing"!) - so you need to let it out. Or, if I can put it in more familiar terms, you need to "Just Let Go".

How to do that? Well, once again, meditation is the key that will unlock that door through which you will stroll effortlessly into the life you'd love to live.




This Week's Quick Tip


Remember - this is your life. Remind yourself today, as today progresses, that, as each moment passes, it passes... never to be repeated - even if the present moment appears like most others.

Remember - today is unique, you will never ever live this day again. So you had better turn up and live it.

Even simply remembering this is a call to action.




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