Coaching Videos & Tips - October 28 2021 No. 728




This week's video explores one of the most exciting bits of feedback that I get from clients and owners of The Psychology of Success Online Program... exciting but, actually, not surprising!





This Week's Reflection


This week we're exploring how people who have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime (their's!!) experience "coming out of their shell" and, I suppose, start "shining their light" - by the way, there's no "suppose" about it, the very latest in cutting-edge science explores how we, as human beings, actually emit that light!!

But there's something I want to mention here that goes above and beyond what I've covered in today's video. People who are on this adventure surprise themselves - that much we've already covered - but the key thing is that they surpruse themselves... constantly. It's an "onwards and upwards" adventure day in, day out. It's like a game of "Snakes and Ladders" without any snakes!

Because, even when they find themselves confronted by the inevitable ups and downs of everyday life, they effortelessly rise to what normal people think of as a challenge and... surprise themselves all over again.

To borrow a word from todays' Quick Tip, there is enormous "satisfaction" in transforming an apparent challenge into a triumph.

And this is the essence of life lived in Flow, come what may: satisfaction with a job well done, fulfilment in the experience of achievement in all things, small, medium and grand - one now at a time.




This Week's Quick Tip


Is there something you want to really get done that you've been putting off? Follow these steps:

  1. Reflect on how you would feel when it's done to your satisfaction
  2. Handwrite what that satisfaction would feel like as if you're feeling it now
  3. Get ready to do what you need to do by mini-medtitating for a couple of minutes
  4. Just do it!

And get ready to be surprised!




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Normal @%!*#y People!


We've talked before about how a chance encounter can change your life - for example, some little business catching the eye of what we call nowadays an "influencer". These synchronicities are daily occurances when we're open to them.

Hold that thought!

I'm a bit of a fan of the actor Stanley Tucci - particularly because of his love of good food. So it's with great enjoyment that, from time to time, Lisa shows me one of his Instagram videos. Enjoyment and, this week, amusement...

There's Stanley being filmed by his wife as he enthuses over the pristine fresh produce of a stall in an Italian village market. And there's the stall-owner (who is obviously not into synchronicity!) muttering in the background "Get your hands of my fruit!"

The stall-owner progresses to "Get you dirty hands off my artichokes!" to issuing some physical threat in the kind oof language that Stanley, before making a quick escape, refuses to translate from Italian!

I suppose that was an opportunity missed!!






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