Could You Be One?

When I get emails asking me how can I say “things are OK” when, they’re not… I wonder about the extent to which we appreciate that our thoughts colour everything. And, normally, our thoughts colour everything grey - or even black! It’s an evolutionary thing. But, then again, whilst we all must appreciate the impact of our evolutionary “baggage”, we’ve been talking about (since last November), how we need to take responsibility for our very own personal evolution… let the conversation continue.



What I find remarkable is the discipline that he demonstrates, with the publication of his weekly videos, to back up the words and ideas with his own practice and 'way of being'... and the unselfconscious generosity that he shows by sharing his insights. He's a rare and valuable gem! - Mike Alsop, Owner, Mike Alsop Development



Living in the Here and Now and learning to Act instead of spending time thinking has been the most important learning I have had in my living and working life.  Willie Horton helped me to learn how to act and really live in the here and now and it has changed my life. - Donald Williamson, Sales Director, Britvic



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