Will mindfulness improve my relationship?


“My wife has noticed a big change in me” - the words of a client after only three weeks of mental exercising. Another told me “I’m much easier to live with!” Whilst another said “It’s like falling on love all over again”.

The normal mind operates on Autopilot. We’re designed to make it through the day and react the any potential threats. When you’re on Autopilot, your behaviour is always automatically reactive. And we all know how reacting to anything makes things worse!

Our autopilot is directed by our own stored thoughts. Our self-limiting beliefs and the thoughts that trigger stress dictate our behaviour. When you disengage from these thoughts (by developing mindfulness) the reactive behaviour stops.

You “come to your senses” and you behave mindfully. Not only does this change how you behave… behaviour is a dance between people - it changes how the other behaves too.

In short, the more mindful you become, the more present you become - free of the thoughts that divorce you from the present - the root cause of all inappropriate behaviour.





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