What can I do if there are not enough hours in the day?


Short answer: use your time more wisely, work smarter, not harder. How?

We all waste time doing what we simply shouldn’t do at all. One client told me, when I met him first, that, by the time he got home from work every evening, his two young daughters were already asleep and his family life was suffering.

He then told me that he wasted up to three hours of his working day on Twitter - and it had nothing to do with his work.

When you’re focused, you have more time - like a high-performing footballer, you’ve more time on the ball than all the ordinary players. When you’re focused you know what to do and you also know what not to do. And you do the right things with little effort.

When you’re focused, every day is like the day before you go on holidays - when you get all the things that you’ve been putting of done in double-quick time.

So learn how to focus - when you’re focused everything else becomes so much easier.





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