How hard is it to change my life?


It’s actually (and factually) close to impossible to change your life unless you learn how to focus. And the problem is, your mind is designed to not focus - it’s designed for survival.

But, actually, there’s no problem at all. Everyone can learn to focus and that includes you. For starters, all it takes is a few minutes mental exercising every morning - or even just most mornings!

Focus makes everything easier and there are a couple of life-changing benefits that my clients experience pretty quickly: you can get rid of stress (and that’s pretty life-changing) and start doing what you need to do to create the life you want.

And creation is what we’re talking about. We all create the life we have. When you’re not focused, your thoughts create your reality. When you are focused, you set your mind to create the success and happiness you want.

Both neuroscience and cognitive psychology confirm that it’s actually quite easy to change your life. The mental exercises I mentioned restructure your physical brain and change how your brain’s key components communicate with each other.

That means that you stop paying attention to self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts. Low self-esteem is a thing of the past and self-confidence is something you won’t worry about again.

But that’s only the beginning. Your focused mind ensures you take the necessary action to change your life - the stuff we often know we really must do but can’t bring ourselves to do it!





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