How do you achieve work-life balance?


Work-life balance is a state of mind. It is not about how many hours you are or are not at work. The balance you’re looking for is between your two ears.

A real-life story illustrates this best. Alex’s job meant that he often had to work late in the evening and Sunday afternoons. He admitted that it ruined every evening and all day Sunday.

But he only had to work two or three nights a week, for an hour, at 9.00pm. And, on Sundays, he only needed to be online from 5.00pm to 6.00pm.

By developing his ability to focus, he learned to compartmentalise. Instead of spending all of Sunday being annoyed, he enjoyed every minute of the day either side of that hour at 5.00pm. And it got to the point where he was so in-the-zone at 5.00pm that he got what he needed to do done in about 40mins.





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