How can I achieve financial security?


I have a very wealthy client who craves financial security! And I have many clients who own their own businesses (so a salary doesn’t automatically drop into their bank on the last Thursday of every month) and they simply don’t worry about money.

Financial security is a state of mind and financial freedom is achieved by freeing up your own mind. When you don’t worry about money, you free your mind to make it.

Quick story. I’m always telling my clients the story of Chateau de Pizay - a hotel where myself an my wife go every-so-often. Every time we arrive, I check my emails (have to, the two of us work for ourselves) and, every time we arrive, there’s always at least one new piece of unexpected business (often there are two or three).

Here’s a text I recently received from a client and friend: “Decided to give myself the day off - I felt tired and needed to get away from the desk. I spent the day walking by the sea, listening to music. When I got back: two new business calls in my voicemail and an email from a client I hadn’t heard from for years asking to meet up. This stuff really works!”

When your mind is in flow, money flows.





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