Can you learn to be a leader?


No doubt, you’ve often heard people say that someone is a “born leader”. But you’re born (almost) a blank canvas - you learn who you are and what you can achieve during your formative years.

That means you learn leadership. And you can learn it throughout your life.

Leadership has two key qualities: presence (the hallmark of all great leaders) and vision (knowing where you want to go). If you’ve poked around this site at all or watched any of my videos, you’ll immediately recognise these two things for what they are: the two pieces of what I call “The Two-Piece” jigsaw.

Or to put it another way: this is mindfulness with a purpose.

To develop your innate ability to be a leader, all you need to do is develop your presence. This is done by training your mind to pay attention to the here and now - the present (that’s all that presence means).





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