Can I learn to focus?


The short answer is yes - and that’s wonderful because, when you learn how to focus, you change your life.

But you must learn how to do this - it doesn’t come naturally because the human brain evolved to focus solely on threats. There are probably all kinds of more positive things that you’d love to focus on to achieve the happiness and success you want.

There are two keys to learning how to focus. You need to understand the implications of stating unfocused and how your life never changes when you operate on what psychology calls the Autopilot.

Then, you need to understand the impact of what modern cognitive psychology and neuroscience has discovered about how easy it is to learn how to focus, rewire your brain and change your life.

If you don’t take the first two steps to focus you won’t appreciate how powerful the daily small steps are that you need to take to focus your mind.

Once you’re ready, you need to train yourself daily - for just a few minutes each morning - to pay attention to the reality of the moment. It’s what the University of Massachusetts Medical School calls “coming to your senses” and it develops mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the exact opposite of the mindless of daily living by Autopilot… and it will change your life.





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