Coaching Videos & Tips - September 22 2022 No. 775




Could quite easily have broken into song in this week's video - but, lucky you, I have resisted the temptation. Instead, you will find a considered video with an important message. Do take a couple of minutes to watch.





This Week's Reflection


If you regret anything, you're still reliving it. That's message #1 this week. You did or said something in the past that you regret - you're whipping yourself all over again. And, not only does whipping oneself hurt, it divorces you from living your life to the full in the present. You might think that, because the regret is not top-of-mind, so to speak, that it's not taking you away from the moment. But it's what runs automatically, deep down, bottom of mind that fragments our attention, dislocates our energy and prevents us from effortlessly throwing ourselves headlong into the here and now. What's more... a divided mind always fails.

Message #2 - regardless of what you did, said or failed to do or say in the past, you are where you are right here right now.

If some hurt was done by your past act(s) or omission(s), then take the "bold" step of righting things. If you think you can't, well isn't that the kind of useless thought that stops us doing the necessary.

Of course, it may well be that the only past hurt is, at this stage, imagined in your own regretful mind. In which case you don't have to anything now other than pull yourself together and get over yourself.

Administering the proverbial good kick to the appropriate part of your anatomy will, literally, kick start you. And it's so much less painful than whipping yourself!




This Week's Quick Tip


Take a few minutes to reflect upon and then write (in bullet points) the key things that you regert in your life thus far.

When you're done, take the piece of paper and tear it into small pieces.

No regrets!




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