Coaching Videos & Tips - September 15 2022 No. 774




This week's video is definitely worth a watch because, if you're not enjoying yourself now, would you ever go back to bed and get up when you're ready to... enjoy yourself.





This Week's Reflection


Read the last two words of the sentence above... enjoy yourself.

Your Self (not who you thought you were, is not just entitled to be joyful, the Real You is built for enjoyment. It's just that, throughout that part of our lives when we were blind to the passing moments or nows of our lives, the inner self was so suppressed that it was always hard to imagine this.

Imagine what? Let me repeat and elaborate: You are entitled to enjoy yourself. You deserve it unconditionally. You are the most important person in your life and, if you're not enjoying yourself now, you are not living, you are surviving or just going through the motions.

Let's tease those two words apart:

En-joy: joy is something that you "do" to yourself. In fact, moment to moment it's a by-product of getting the most important decision of your life right. Your life is lived now. In this now you must choose to be present or... lost. And, if you discover that you're lost for a moment, it doesn't matter, what matters is that you get the next moment-to-moment decision right. When you do that, joy just happens.

What about that second word: your-self? Yes, we're not talking about the so-called Conceptual Self. We're not talking about indulging in what would be, were it coming from the Conceptual Self, selfish indulgence.

We're talking about freeing your Self - the most enjoyable and unselfish thing you could ever do.




This Week's Quick Tip


OK - you've stuff to do today. Some you'll feel like doing, others less so.

Can I suggest that you deliberately remind yourself, in particular when doing something that you think you would prefer not to do, that this is your life - I really do need to enjoy myself right here, right now.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Just as a matter of interest, if you browse your Social Media feeds, how often do you see people truly enjoying themselves? Or, how often is the ego getting stroked?

Maybe I'm wrong but, if they're posting perfect moments on Social Media, maybe the aforementioned questions have answered themselves!




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