Coaching Videos & Tips - September 8 2022 No. 773




You may well have heard this expression or expressions like it - but they don't mean when the normal mind thinks they mean (surprise, surprise)! This week's Video explains.





This Week's Reflection


I received a really well put question from one of your fellow viewer or readers last week. If the saying is true - "If It's for You It Won't Pass You By" - why should I bother doing anything is what's for me won't pass me by?

It's a little like the sayings "We are where we are" and "It is what it is" - the normally-minded perspective one of helplessness.

But, once we realise how the world really works, we understan that this is not what any of these sayings mean. If it's for you, it won't pass you by if you do what you need to do. That's what it means.

Things that are for you in life are passing you by as we speak. You can't see them because your thinking mind has pulled down the shutters on your life. You could be slapped across the face by opportunity, kicked around the room by what's for you... and you wouldn't feel a thing.

Everything that I ever say, write or teach is a call to action - we've got to do what we've got to do and the first thing that we all must do is... wake up and turn up. Now, Now and Now. Again, Again and Again.

To get all the wonderful things that life has on effortless offer, you need to do what it takes to be... the right person in the right place at the right time doing the right thing!




This Week's Quick Tip


Ask yourself if what you're doing right now is the right thing to be doing. Actually, you're reading this week's Quick Tip so of course it is!!

What I actually mean is ask youself this question a few times as today progresses, as any or every day progresses. Start calling yourself to attention.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


I know that I shouldn't be ear-wigging neighbours' conversations but when said conversations are shouted from one side of the road to the other, what can one do?

The lady who lives next door shouts across the road to the guy who lives opposite us: "My daughter's home from Australia for three weeks with my new little grandson."

The guy across the road shouts back: "Oh that's great, did she come by car?"

You've read about this legend of normality before in Normal Crazy People so... need I say more other?




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