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You probably think you know what this week's video is about. But, then again, thinking that we know what's going on will always lead us on what I refer to below as a "downward spiral". Watch the video!





This Week's Reflection


As you know (from Tuesday's email), I'm in the middle of preparing for two live Ask Me Anything Zooms next week - and I've had a load of feedback that actually goes right to the heart of the subject of this week's video. So many people are stuck.

Now, of course, that's only half true but, in being half true, there is a perceived reality to being stuck and all that goes with it - from "frustration" to "fury" - yes, both are quotes.

If you think you're stuck, you are stuck. And that, for startes, is a debilitating experience - in giving your attention and energy to such thoughts, you suck yourself dry. And, with no energy, not only does being stuck become a physical experience, it becomes an emotional downward spiral.

Being stuck comes at us in different ways: frustration that we haven't made whatever progress we thought we'd like to make; impatience that our so-called Perfect Moment seems further away than ever; fury at having been treated badly by someone else.

The last one - the "fury" one - is crazy: if someone treated you badly (and that's something that normal crazy people are very good at), your being furious about it amounts to you doing it to yourself all over again... and again. The classic downward spiral.

But, then, aren't all thoughts that lead to feeling stuck crazy? Becuase they are just thoughts - they are not the reality of what is going on moment to moment.

I had another particularly lovely email this morning from someone else who has registered for our upcoming live Zooms. He talks about being frustrated, yes - but then he goes on to explain how he knows that all he needs to do is step through the door, away from his own thoughts, into the gentle breeze of opportunity.

Now you're talking!




This Week's Quick Tip


Two Quick Tips this week...

Make sure you've got your Zoom links for next week's live sessions - see below.

If you're harbouring any feelings of being stuck for whatever reason, stop - reflect on what you have right now - starting with the fact that, unlike many of our loved ones, you are breathing in and out.




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