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Do you care too much? Care too much that it's got to the point that you're concerned or anxious? Care so much that it implies that you don't trust yourself? You need to throw caution to the wind... mindfully!





This Week's Reflection


We can get awfully attached to what we think we want; awfully attached to the notion that we know how to get it; awfully attached to the point of obsession... I must have it (what ever "it" might be).

When we want something so much, we disable ourselves - we get kidnapped by an attachment that divorces us from being who we can be, an attachment that blinds us to what we actually need to do today. This week's Facebook Live explores "doing the right thing today" (and you don't need to have anything to do with Facebook if it's not your thing - using the link provided you can watch the video on this website).

Being attached is akin to trying to swim with your feet anchored to the seabed. You'll expend a lot of useless energy and, not only not go anywhere, swept up by your efforts, you'll miss the opportunities that would otherwise bring you to where is best for you effortlessly.

If you are the shackled swimmer, it's time to break free. If you've already broken free (even a little) you'll know, through experience, what I'm talking about when I use (often repeatedly) that wonderful word... effortless.

Detach yourself. Throw off the shackles of wondering when what you need to happen will happen. It will happen in its own good time. Detach yourself. Forget what you think you want and let yourself take you by the hand on an adventure that your wanting mind couldn't imagine. Detach yourself from the energy sapping thoughts that question you, that question your deservedness, question the "how" and the "when".

Forget all those questions and attachment - for the answer will find you.




This Week's Quick Tip


Choose to do something carefree today - it doesn't matter how apparently insignificant what it is... there's no such thing as an insignifcant now.

Don't concern yourself with what others might think about you - they don't because they're not all there.

And never forget who the most important person in your life is...




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Normal @%!*#y People!


How about caring too much about getting cancer.

Yes, we know people who have obsessed about getting cancer who... get the cancer they've wished for!

Remember: healthy mind, healthy body. Or, put another way, if your mind is ill-at-ease, your body will suffer dis-ease.




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