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You might like to think that you're open-minded but, if you're allowing your mind run normally, nothing could be further from the truth. And, what's worse, your lack of open-mindedness divorces you from you.





This Week's Reflection


Yes, this week's Reflection is actually about a reflection... who do you see when you look in the mirror? Or let's explore this from another direction - are you completely happy with your own reflection? You're more likely to see your flaws and shotcomings!

But, actually, now that I reflect on this, the reflection analogy is pretty apt: who you think you're looking at is not actually you, it's not a reflection, it's a projection.

Our thoughts are like the celluloid film in a cinema projector. We're the light but, when that light is distorted by our thoughts, we project a "reality" that is diminished and tainted. And that's been going on since you learned your shortcomings and flaws, back in the dim and distant past.

That means that the imaginary you that you're looking at is an old movie, an unchanging movie, the whole idea of you stuck in a time-warp. It means that your most fundamental prejudice is against yourself. And, without deliberate action on your part, nothing will ever change: you'll never learn anything new, let alone gain some insight into who you might really be; you'll never change anything essential in your everyday experience of what you currently call "life" - it isn't life at all, of course, it's existence. And there's a world of difference.

Do you feel downhearted about this? As an important aside, that's what this week's Podcast is about! Because, to feel downcast is just to run a little tawdry short film alongside the main feature of a life going slowly down the toilet! It would be another inappropriate choice on your part.

Which leads me to suggest an appropriate choice - one that will dissolve the old celluloid film, one that will allow your light to shine brightly (this week's Podcast goes into the latest science on, quite literally, shining your light), one that will enable you start living right now.

Meditate daily. I'll say no more.




This Week's Quick Tip


Any time you catch yourself thinking about your shortcomings, press the "Reset Button" - yes, I would suggest that you actually call it that. This Reset Button could be a short couple of nice, luxurious breaths. It could be a mooment's savouring of a mouthful of drink or food. It could be an appreciation of some little display being played out before your very eyes: a bee in a flower, a rustling of the leaves in the breeze, the pinpricks of rain on your face.

Our everydays are peppered with what, when we give it our attention, appears to be a whole real-world, moment-to-moment Magic Show - far removed from the Circus of Your Own Thoughts.

Wake up! Press the Reset Button! Live a little... or a lot.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


People lie to feel more important even though everyone knows it's a lie - and can prove it.

Stephanie's father-in-law passed away. Stephanie explained to anyone who would listen "Oh I was so blessed, you know I was the only one with him in the room when he passed".

She actually said this to the deceased's sister who, along with Stephanie and Stephanie's husband, had been keeping vigil by his bedside at the time.

The name has been changed to protect the weirdo!




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