Coaching Videos & Tips - August 4 2022 No. 768




We all need to get into and maintain our good habits - for every time we take a step in the right direction we encourage ourselves to take more, go further, lead ourselves ever forward.





This Week's Reflection


Reminding yourself to be present now brings you into the present moment. Indeed, realising that you're not present in the present moment brings you into the present moment - it's a self-realisation.

There are all kinds of ways in which we can encourage ourselves to move forward. Remember, we need to move forward all the time because there is so much more to us and our unlimited potential that we haven't even begun to realise at this point... there's that realise word again.

We self-realise (or, in any event, take steps ever further forward on that unending journey) through self- awareness in the moment and through allowing that self-awareness inform us of what we need to do now to take that next step, take that "courageous" action, push ourselves ever-so-gently - we get into the good habit of learning from our own boldness of action.

Of course, words like courage or boldness imply that there is a steeling of ourselves required, a girthing of our loins, a pumping up of ourselves to take some kind of leap forward. Nothing could be further off the mark. For, when we're present and aware all this just happens - we allow it just happen in us, for us and through us.

To allow this just happen all we need to do is sow the seeds (through daily meditation) and water them through reminding ourselves to be here, through realising when we're not here, through keeping ourselves on ours toes.

Is it a challenge? Only if you think so! Often people say to me how am I going to keep moving forward, particularly when that moving forward is against the normal crazy tide. But that is to get ahead of yourself, to think the mountain ahead is a climb. All you need to concern yourself with (if concern is even the right word) is the step you're taking now. Each time we do that, the step that we're taking now counts.




This Week's Quick Tip


Confronted (which is only a state of mind) by something challenging (which is only a state of mind) that you have to do today, pause and remind yourself that you need neither courage nor bravery to do the necessary. You only need presence of mind.

What is the necessary? Well, perhaps, the right thing or the thing you know you must do to move things forward.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


I was a banker (I think you know that!) - a state-owned bank with all the associated politics. One of our Directors was constantly glued to his mobile 'phone (the size of a concrete block in those days) - constantly saying "Yes, Minister" (he thought it made him look important).

One day, as we left the hotel we were using for a "Stategic Off-Site" (what can I say?!), 'phone earnestly gripped to his hear, I interrupted him to suggest that I always suspected that his wife was on the other end, reminding him to bring home some bread and a pint of milk.

Disgusted, he spat "I'm speaking with the Minister" to which I replied, "The Minister's standing right behind you"!

I had a way of endearing myself to Directors.




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