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No climbing required. Like everything else in life when done in a present frame of mind, our ascent to the top of the evolutionary tree is effortless.





This Week's Reflection


When we meditate, every time we meditate, we remake ourselves, enhance our cognitive awareness, restructure the very fabric of our brains. The latest research shows that those who start meditating in their seventies meditate themselves younger. Yes, seriously - research has established the meditation undoes the neural atrophy associated with the normal ageing process, enhancing otherwise deminishing cognitive function.

When we meditate we become superhuman, unlike the vast majority of our species. This is not to say that we should think ourselves better but, rather, regard ourselves as a force for raising the awareness of all around us through our own growing awareness.

When we meditate, we take an evolutionary leap forward. And, when you consider that, in doing so we may aid and abet those around take that leap too, we may be, as meditators, the future of the species.

You and I are important. We have a pivotal, crucial role to play - for starters, in our own lives but, more broadly, in the betterment of everything and everyone.

As a Program Owner says, we're responsible for "spreading the joy".




This Week's Quick Tip


Take a few moments to read something insightful or uplifting: you might read a couple of paragraphs from books like Anthony deMello's Awareness or Thich Nhat Hanh's The Miracle of Mindfulness. You might just read this week's Reflection!

Read a little, reflect a lot - let what you're learning sink in so that it leads you forward.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


We're being encouraged here in France to take a variety of steps to reduce our energy consumption. But you need to be careful about which appliances you switch off.

John received a whole butchered lamb: racks, gigots, legs, all the various edibles neatly packaged, which he duly stocked in his freezer. He then took a two week holiday making sure, as he always did, to switch off the electricity at the mains as he left for the airport.

There is, you may be aware, an infamous policital speech about rivers of blood... that's pretty much what had meandered its way through the kitcken and down the hall, greeting John as he opened his front door on his return.




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