Coaching Videos & Tips - July 21 2022 No. 766




You need to hit the heights of your psychological powers - that's when you will set yourself free and change your life. This week's video explores.





This Week's Reflection


Imagine that your Mum or Dad brought you into your favourite sweet shop and said: "You can have anything or everything that you want"! How would you feel?

There's an interesting piece of research in relation to online purchasing behaviours: the more choice that you give your potential customer, the less they're likely to buy!

Yes, we have enormous difficulty making up our mind when faced with too much choice. And, I've seen it with my own two eyes, we really don't even know where to start when confronted with the potentially life-changing possibility that you can have anything that your heart desires... just like the proverbial kid in the proverbial sweet shop.

But wanting to gorge on everything isn't good for you. It certainly could never be described as best for you. In fact, it's childish. However, as I point in this week's Video, when we talk of awakening the child within, we're talking about becoming childlike again - a completely different thing. A thing of beauty, presence and unlimited possibilities.

Unlike the indiscriminate filter-less child of three years of age, the awaking child within knows not what you want - it knows what is best for you.

Let it out. To Suceed... Just Let Go.




This Week's Quick Tip


Allow yourself a little time to daydream today - let your mind go off on whatever flight of fancy it, well, fancies!

Don't constrain it, don't let your oh-so-self-important adult thinking mind get in the way, just let yourself go a little... or a lot.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


To say that it is a little warm at present would be something of an understatement.

The heat reminds me of a conversation that I had on Zoom with a group last Summer - one of the group was late joining, apologising, as she arrived, for the fact that she was still getting used to her new laptop.

She continued: "It was so warm last week that I put my laptop in the freezer to cool down for a couple of minutes and... completely forgot about it"!

Talk about your screen freezing!




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