Coaching Videos & Tips - July 14 2022 No. 765




Every concrete slab in your runway is getting you to the point of take-off. What am I talking about? Watch this week's video!!





This Week's Reflection


I quote a Program Owner in this week's video - about how his daily meditation is building the runway from which his life will take off. An interesting analogy but an incomplete one. Let me explain.

Each time you meditate you soar a little higher but the fact that you're meditating at all means that, in fact, your life has already changed just as the very fabric of your brain has change - something I might come back to in the coming weeks.

And, each time you meditate, you enhance your experience of being present in the here and now. I know, sometimes our meditation doesn't feel that way but, I can tell you, that that is actually what is happening. That means that you're not somehow waiting for some take-off point. It's not that your life will take off, it's taking off every moment that you live it. In fact it has taken off.

In other words, there's no queueing to go through security, no baggage check, no departure lounge, the very first time you meditated you departed on the journey of a lifetime.

Let's stick with the analogy for one more moment - bear with me! Because, again, it is inadequate. When you sit on the runway and the engines roar, you know which flight your boarded, you know your destination. That is the most exciting thing about this adventure of your lifetime - you have no idea in the wide-earthly word where this adventure will take you. There is one certainty however: the adventure is going to be beyond your wildest imaginings.

All aboard!!




This Week's Quick Tip


To take off you need to slow down.

Today, give yourself extra time to do your ordinary chores. In providing extra time, you make your ordinary chores extraordinary.

And you've plenty of available time to do this - just don't do some (or all) of the things that you shouldn't be doing at all.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Have you ever met a know-all? Someone from France or Germany who knows more about Ireland than you (meaning me)? Someone who informed me that he knew exactly what he could learn from looking at a Profit and Loss Account: "I'm looking at the Assets and the Liabilities" (neither of which is in a P&L)?

Some tourist that swears blind that you're looking at a limestone landscape (right above where I'm sitting) when I know that I'm looking at snow (that happens to be covering the limestone landscape)?

A client of mine might call these "Subject Matter Experts" - people who know more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing!!




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