Coaching Videos & Tips - July 7 2022 No. 764




Imagine doing just what you need to do or say... fearlessly. Yes, that's how being in flow works in practice and that's what this week's video explores.





This Week's Reflection


It's an interesting one, isnt' it: I've used the word fearlessly above. And, yet, for all the we feel fear, for all the some animals can smell our fear (dogs for example), the cocktail of biospheric subtances released by fear are all triiggered by something that actually isn't there - other than in the mind of the beholder.

But tell someone who is afraid that there is no fear and you will be met with scorn: the individual being bullied; those who are afraid of financial lack; people afraid of their own shadow - or, should I say, the shadow that is only cast by their own normal crazy imaginations.

We are designed to be fearful for being fearful kept us alive when we were competing with fiercer animals for our very survival. Now, as noted above, we actually and only have ourselves to fear - we are the authors of our own self-doubt and misgivings, the creator of our own perceived ills and evil (I've chosen the words deliberately).

We do this as a matter of natural course having been designed in this fashion. It is automatic. But that is not to say that we cannot help it.

We don't rid our lives of fear by confronting it. Only a fool would go to the trouble of confronting something that isn't there. We won't rid our lives of fear by conceptually dismissing it, based on the abundance of science that confirms the non-existence of fear. Concepts won't work and, in fact, may only give extra impetus to the perception of fear.

We don't even need to rid our lives of fear. By turning up to our lives in the present moment we experience the reality that there is no fear: in taking apparently bold action (as is mentioned in this week's video) or ini striking out to do the things that we inherently know we need to do by... just doing them.




This Week's Quick Tip


You could be forgiven for thinking that this week's Tip is about doing something that you know you need to do... fearlessly. But that would involve both thinking and the resultant fear!

No, this week's Tip is far more effortless. Simply remind yourself throughout the day to just let go and see where that takes you.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Spent a few wonderful days in a small family-run hotel in the Black Forest last week. It was too small and too family-run for one of the guests who was, we thought, priveleged to have been invited to stay there for a few nights by her mother who knew the little hotel very well indeed.

"There's nothing to do here and it feels very cramped" she told us "I much preferred looking into the bigger, grander hotels around town" she continued "and I was particularly taken by the one that had a Ferrari parked outside."

We excused ourselves and went in for dinner.




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