Coaching Videos & Tips - June 30 2022 No. 763




We slip up, fall over, trip ourselves up... we're only human. But it's not "OK" to just let these things happen. We have to continually hold our feet to the fire. Today's video explores...





This Week's Reflection


We always need to be careful. That is not to say that we need to allow the imaginary cares of the world weight us down. It simply means that we need to take due care as to how we turn up to the here and now, how we act and behave in the here and now.

We always need to exercise caution. That is not to say that we need to "err on the side of caution" in relation to the actions that we take or, indeed, in relation to the goals that we set for ourselves. Quite the opposite - we need to be what normal people would call bold and brave when it comes to setting our mind.

What I mean is that we need to exercise the kind of caution that will ensure that we don't take for granted that, as we talk of in this week's video, a couple of bad days or nights is "OK" and, more importantly, that we never take for granted that, having trained ourselves to turn up to the here and now that we have it sorted. This journey or adventure is never complete, we're never completely out of the woods, there's always this now (which leads to the next now) in which we need to be considerate as to our presence, actions and behaviours.

Ultimately, though, there is the part of you that knows - the deep down real you that is both cautious and adventurous all in the one breath. The real you that was originally designed to ensure that you take due care and that you have repurposed, through meditation, to be fully aware of both threat and opportunity.

You can trust this person absolutely, throw yourself on their mercy, so to speak. And, in that way, when we do "let go" we can through "normal caution" to the wind.




This Week's Quick Tip


I'm always suggesting that you take or give yourself the proverbial "breather" - but we can stop and take a breath with a variety of purposes in mind: you could be readying yourself for something important, you could be steadying yourself when you're teetering on the brink.

But, most important - and what I want you to do now, you could simply take a couple of deep breaths (regardless of where you are, believe me, nobody's aware!) to ensure that you are, moment-to-moment, exercising the due care and attention that I talk about in this week's Reflection.




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