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It only takes on clear-minded person to move everything and everyone in the right direction - be that at home, at work, in business, on the field of sport, in life... are you that person?





This Week's Reflection


As I said above, just one clear-minded person can move everything in the right direction. A bit like the old expression, if you want to bring about change you have to be the change. Are you up to it?

For starters, are you even up to it in your own life? I asked on Facebook Live on Tuesday how everyone online had moved forward (or backward!) since we'd been live online the previous Tuesday. How much have you moved forward since last Thursday?

Are you even sure what moving forward looks and feels like? Do you know in what direction forward is? Or, to put it in practical terms, do you know what you're trying to achieve today? Remember, for now, today is all you have - you had better be up to it!

And, if you want to bring about change in your life, do you know what that would look and feel like? Do you know what forward means to you? And, by the way, even though today is where all the action is, I'm not talking about moving forward incrementally. Yes, we have to do the little "increments" right now because our lives are lived in "nows" - but, one of these nows, those increments are going to transform your life. But only if you turn up, only if you turn up with your intentions set, only if you have a strong sense of knowing where you're going.

That last sentence sums up what I have often called the Two-Piece Jigsaw. It can also be expressed in plain and simple arithmetic: presence plus intent equals the life you want to live.

Does that sound like you right now? Are you the adult in the little room that is your own life. If you're not, the room will continue to be a prison cell (no matter how prettily you decorate it), if you are... there is no room - the whole world of effortless happiness and succes awaits. And, as we said in this week's podcast, that is all encompassing: health, wealth, happiness, peace of mind, joy. Your's right now if you're willing to turn up.




This Week's Quick Tip


Really simple question that you could ask yourself right now and it requires a simple "Yes" or "No" answer:

"Have I been behaving like the Adult in the Room today?"

Let me put it another way: "Have I been acting or reacting today?"




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Life Stories


Andrea knew her intentions - she could see herself in what she described as her dream job. She handwrote what she feels like when she hears about getting that job (note my emphasis on the present tense) - in my language I would say she wrote her Perfect Moment.

And then she slipped up on the first piece of that Two-Piece Jigsaw - she let her thinking mind become impatient. And, then she missed out on a couple of jobs that she thought might be her dream job. I kept telling her that patience really is a virtue.

And then she emailed me to tell me that she had got the kind of job that she could not have imagined - better than any of the jobs that she thought might be the one. And, almost begrudgingly (I thing it was a joke!), she admitted that the dream job had "landed in her lap" - that it had been "effortless".

That's how this whole thing works!!




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