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They may - or actually and unwittingly will! - try to drag you down to their level, the lowest common denominator or, to be clear about it, the crazy norm - and, yet, we have a resposbility to them. Today's video explores.





This Week's Reflection


Over the last couple of weeks we've been talking about taking and embracing responsibility. Ultimately, however, our primary responsibility is to live this life of our's to the full - right now. You could say that it's your life's purpose.

The idea of living life "to the full" comes in all shapes and sizes - from being there for others so you raise their game (one of the sources of life's many perfect moments) to healing yourself - have a listen to this week's podcast and you'll know what I mean.

All too often, we scoff at the idea of living life to the full, ground down as we normally are by the cares and worries of the everyday. We allow these slings and arrows puncture our imaginings, somehow lettig ourselves either believe that to have such moments would be unrealistic or, perhaps even worse, using "unrealistic" as excuse for not allowing ourselves imagine at all.

The fact of the matter is, though, that we perceive and achieve what we expect. That's how, on Autopilot, we always "achieve" the same outcomes - because we expect automatically. Yet, all you have to do is expect something different and, as surely as night follows day, something different will happen - you won't be able to avoid it.

This subconscious expectation is created through what you and I both know as "Perfect Moments" - we have one such example in today's Life Stories and, over the next couple of weeks, there'll be plenty more from where that one came!

For now, have a look at this week's Quick Tip or, even better, give it a go.




This Week's Quick Tip


First of all, read today's Reflection - it will set you up for what I'm about to suggest...

Allow yourself to daydream today. Don't leave it until you have some "spare time" - if you're commuting or taking a break, having a coffee or washing the dishes - allow yourself a little (or large) flight of fancy.

Without allowing what is deep inside out into the open, how will you ever know?




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Life Stories


When I first met Frank, he owned a small business in Dublin. His idea of a perfect moment was walking along his favourite promenade, with an ice-cream melting onto his hand in the evening warmth... just like when he was a carefree kid! He imagined he owned a little apartment on the seafront and was taking an after dinner evening stroll.

A couple of years later, I got a 'phone call - Frank told me that he had handwritten his perfect moment of calling me to tell me that he was strolling along the seafront - and here he was amongst the palm trees on the promenade in Puerto Pollensa... his favourite place.

"Now that I've got my perfect moment" Frank asked "Can I write another one?" I replied that our lives are supposed to be full of perfect moments!




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