Coaching Videos & Tips - June 2 2022 No. 759




From where have you travelled to experience the now? Who was your nearest and dearest travelling companion? It is time to let them go.





This Week's Reflection


For some it simply just happens - one day you wake up and you are transformed. I immediately recollect one such individual. We spent a day together in Milltown Golf Club in Dublin many years ago and, on his return home, his wife enquired as to what had happened the man who had left home the previous day.

For most it's a gradual process - an initial realisation that "I'm not the person that I thought I was", followed by a gradual "drip, drip, drip" of awareness, self-awareness and transformation so subtle that we often fail to give ourselves the credit that we deserve for the path already trodden.

As part of this subtle process, it dawns on the so-called Conceptual Self that they are losing their power over us. But they don't want to relinquish that power because, without it, they aren't - it's a conceptual existential crisis! And, remember, this is the psychological mechanism that is designed for survival.

So, what happens? We have something akin to Custer's Last Stand - the final showdown. And, like Custer's Last Stand, the Conceptual Self is fighting a losing battle... as long as we stay focused, stand firm, continually do what we need to do to embrace the responsibility that we have for the one thing in our lives over which we have total and utter control, our own state of mind.

Some will feel something akin to a right of passage, others will experience trial by fire. But many will experience the gradual dissipation of the Conceptual Self - an experience best described as the mist of past dissapating in the rising sun.




This Week's Quick Tip


I've received an email from a client who confirms that his "daily medication" is now an integral part of his life... a misprint, perhaps an autocorrect but very close to the mark.

Meditation is the most powerful medication that you can take for all known ills! Make sure that you take your daily dose today. And, if you haven't yet, do it now - better late than not at all.

As a result of this daily dose, you will find that you, yourself will begin to autocorrect!




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Normal @%!*#y People!


I'm typing this in almost complete darkness - we've had spectacular thunderstorms for much of the last 48hrs. - after a long dry spell where the local farmers quite literally made hay while the sun was shining. All but one, my friend across the road: the one who takes out his strimmer, admires it and puts it away again. He does the same with his lawnmower and, as you might recollect, admires his ladder for three days before going up it!

He waited for the torrential rains before deciding to cut his grass - bizarre when you consider that whoever has the grazing rights all around his land had been busy morning, noon and night, cutting and baling.

His saturated, waist-high grass is uncuttable or is it...

As I type this, there is a dark figure across the road, crouching in the torrential rain... with a scythe.




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