Coaching Videos & Tips - May 26 2022 No. 758




OK - let's quote another song: you've got to slow down, you move too fast! And, when you do, as the song goes, you'll end up feeling groovy! OK, enough! Watch the video!!





This Week's Reflection


Normally, we do what we do through thought: what I think about what I'm doing, what I think about what I have to do next, what I think about what I don't want to do, what I think about the upcoming weekend and, most fundamentally, what I think about me... poor me!

Which is easier? Doing what you have to do - as in just doing it! - or trying to do what you have to do through a fog of thought?

Well, for starters, the neuroscience is crystal clear: when you're in flow as a result of just doing what you're doing, you use a negligible amount of neural firepower - you're the picture of effortlessness. And, as many a client has said to me, it feels like the outcomes that you achieve "just happen" - they just happen because you just did only what you needed to do, free of all the other junk in your head.

Just doing what you have to do now will free up an enormous amount of what you perceive as time. You will have the opportunity to take your time to do just what you have to do. Take and embrace this opportunity, slow down.

The funny thing is that when you do slow down you get what you're doing done quicker! Because that's all you're doing!




This Week's Quick Tip


Use each task that you have to perform today as an opportunity to... just perform that task!

Each now, all you have to do is what you're doing in... each now. So, when your mind wanders or you don't feel like doing what you're doing, remember that this moment is your life - so put yourself into it body and soul, wholeheartedly.

And, if you're doing something that you really don't like, just do it - and then it will be done!




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Witnessed a supermarket customer getting into quite a temper earlier this week - he couldn't get a his chosen shelf of goods no matter how he tried because... four supermarket employees had "parked" their loads of new stock in the middle of the aisle, while they had a good old laugh and a chat!

As he tried to negotiate his way around the gathering, the customer excused himself a number of times, to no avail - it's like as if he wasn't there.

"Are you not supposed to be working?" he eventually asked "And you're certainly not supposed to be blocking up the whole place while you're not working!"

Having looked the customer up and down as if he was some kind of rare curiosity - and without saying a word - the four employees begrudgingly made just enough space for him so that he could get what he wanted.





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