Coaching Videos & Tips - May 5 2022 No. 755




Are you regularly traveling in your mind to some imaginary foreign land? You'll understand the question when yo uget right to the end of this week's short video!!





This Week's Reflection


In everyday adult live, we encounter less-than-ideal situations - that is the stuff of everyday life. But, note that I did not say that we experience these situations. Normally, we don't.

Normally (and that's a very bad word indeed!) we experience nothing - we only think we do. In today's video, I talk about people or situations that give rise to "states of mind" that I all-too-often talk about with clients and Online Program Owners: frustration, annoyance, resentment, anger.

However, the actual cognitive fact of the matter is that, when we encounter such a situation, we tend to react - often under some perceived pressure - to what's happening and, when we do that, we don't experience the reality of what's happening, we re-experience some event in our own personal ancient history that made us feel that way for the first time.

As I mention in this week's podcast, unless we take the only step on the road to awareness (the one that I mention in this week's Quick Tip), we learn absolutely nothing after the age of 12 or 13. We just keep reliving what was imprinted on our minds before that watershed in our personal development.

What's the upshot of all this? Well, for starters, most of which we think that we're experiencing isn't real! Worse than that, these "imaginary experiences" teach us that life is a string of repetitive self-fulfilling propechies which, by the way, it's bound to be if we keep allowing our minds keep paying attention to repetitive self-fulfilling thoughts.

Worst of all, these "imaginary experiences" blind us to the reality of the world in which we live. A world replete with opportunities that will enable us - you and me both! - to move effortlessly forward into the life that we would dearly love to live... now.




This Week's Quick Tip


Today, your mind will run away with you - it's normal! Today, as a first and major step forward on the journey to the life you'd love to live, you need to notice when you're mind has run away with you. Let this be your chosen task for today, throughout the day.

This is not the first step on the road to awareness... it is awareness. And it will change your life by changing your perception of everything and, most importantly, your perception of you.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


France is famous for its red tape. We've had two examples in two days:

Our daughter cannot confirm her train ticket home for a long weekend until she updates her discount card. And she can't update her discount card until she confirms her train ticket home! This is the same organisation, SNCF, that sells our kids train tickets to get them from Paris to the Alps and deposits them in Lyon (and that's when the train or the replacement bus doesn't break down)

And Lisa's just been told she can't purchase a medical prescription because the presciption date (for something that needs to be done 13mths after the last visit) is over 12mths old!

This second story is actually more bizarre. After 15mins wrangling, it transpired that she actually can buy it, but won't get reimbursed... a whole 15mins wasted over €6!





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