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We are all all to well aware of the useless thoughts that plague us, the block our way forward, that tie us down, that keep us in our box. But, as there any thoughts that we have that might be useful rather than useless?





This Week's Reflection


When we talk about arresting our thinking mind, we're talking about sidelining the patterned thoughts that eminate from our so-called Stored Knowledge - the mainly autobiographical memories that fuel the normal mind's Automatic Pilot. As we know, these are predominantly skewed towards the negative, particularly when it comes to the most fundamantal thoughts or beliefs that we hold about ourselves.

As a "by-the-way", even if your thoughts are skewed towards the positive, they're still just thoughts, they still mask your true being and potential. Either way, these autobiographical thoughts are, at best, useless - they disable our understanding of what is happening now.

But even our useful thoughts harbour danger. As a rough guide, you can take "useful thoughts" as those that we deploy during each day to enable us perform our particular skills. For example, an accountant has an amassed body of thought or expertise related to, for example, being able to see what a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account is telling them. But therein lies the danger.

Seen once Balance Sheet, seen them all! It's how accountants miss the essence of what a window-dressed Balance Sheet hides, it's how a coollective of bankers missed the fundamentally different market dynamics that led to the 2008 crash. It's how a highly-trained electrician cuts the wrong wire and kills themselves.

In other words, with practice, these "useful thoughts" become patterned too. And once habituated, we become immune to what is actually going on in the moment.

So be cautious - not in the so-called brave and courageous actions that you're going to take to change your life but in the detail of what is going on today. As the old saying goes, the Devil is in the detail!




This Week's Quick Tip


Take a step back to check that what you're seeing is real. If you find yourself challenged, without taking that step back there's a good chance that your mind will evaluate the challenge by equating it to previously experienced challenges. And you may put a foot wrong.

Always, always, give yourself that minuscule "pause" to ensure that you know where you are, you know what's happening and you know what you're doing.




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