Coaching Videos & Tips - April 21 2022 No. 753




What's the most important thing you have to do today? Turn up! And, after you've taken a moment or two to ensure that you have turned up, have a look and listen to today's video... it might just expand your sense of where you're going.





This Week's Reflection


Could it possibly be that there's only one piece to the two piece jigsaw? A condundrum! As you will inevitably discover the more that you meditate, you develop a clearer sense of what you need to do now - what's most important for you to do right now or, if you're stuck doing something of less import right now, what's most important for you to do today.

Now is all that matters - that is all with which you need to concern yourself... what you must do now and how you must do it. You don't think about it. As I said, you will effortlessly develop a clearer sense of it. And, as you might imagine, I've chosen that word very carefully indeed. Our "gut" tells us what's right and wrong, what to do, what not to do (and that obviously includes saying or not saying!!).

What's more, as this clearer understanding of what to do comes to you effortlessly, so does the way in which you do it. You don't need to concern yourself with the how - the "gut" already knows how.

This may sound counter-intuitive: surely you need a plan, surely you need a "ToDo List", surely you've got to figure things out. No, not at all. It is as intuitive as anything could be. It runs contrary to how you think but that's the whole point of it!!

So, what doo you need to do today? Simply put, you need to turn up to the here and now. You'll intuit what to say and do, you don't need to "adjust" to the circumstances of what's going on - the intuitive you is many times more agile and adept than the stodgy, lost-in-thought, normal mind could ever be.




This Week's Quick Tip


Stop and give yourself a breather - literally. Loosen up your body, close your eyes if you're in the right environment for that. If not, no matter. What matters is that you fill and empty your lungs and immerse yourself in how each breath feels.

Stop again - obviously don't stop breathing!!! But, in this pause, ask yourself is there anything you really should be doing today. Then, for another minute of two, go back to immersing yourself in your breathing.




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