Coaching Videos & Tips - April 14 2022 No. 752




It's so ridiculously simple that, over the years, so many people have said, it couldn't be so life-changing. But it is and, the wonderful thing is, it's entirely in your own hands. Fancy that!





This Week's Reflection


It's like brushing your teeth or pulling on your pants - that's a direct quote from one of the first owners of the Online Program. As he says, you wouldn't leave home in the morning without your pants on!

What's he talking about? His morning meditation - now a fixture in his morning routine, seven days a week - he's missed two days in the last 18 months.

If you fancy a day without stress and a day largely in flow, if you envisage achieving some, most or all of your goals (small, medium and grand), you've got to put the work in. And it has to be regular.

"But I thought you told me this was effortless" I hear you say! And, yes, living life in the here and now to the full, flowing through life is completely effortless. But you only get to play the game of life if you do the training. And don't tell me that seven or eight minutes each (every) day is effortful!

That's all it takes. Yes, you can, from time to time, treat yourself to twenty of thirty minutes meditation - doing that will take you to places you might not have experienced in your everyday training. But, once experienced, you'll start having that self-same experience in your everyday training.

If you didn't meditate this morning, stop and do it now, don't wait until tomorrow morning when, once on that ever-s0-slightly slippery slope, you'll think up some normal crazy excuse or just plain forget. And, if you've fallen off the wagon, you haven't, not now!

You get out what you put in... actually that's not true - you get unimaginably more out than you put in.




This Week's Quick Tip


This week's video and reflection are littered with quick tips - something you can do right now. And, if you're not in a position to take seven or eight minutes now, take ninety seconds to just breathe, feel, hear and come to your senses.

And, when the active part of your day has drawn to a close, take those seven or eight minutes and do the needful. It will change your life.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


I'm cutting down an old hedge! So, was at the recycling centre yesterday afternoon when a brand-new shiny rental car arrived... full to the ceiling with really dirty garden waste. But that's not this week's story!

It reminded me of an incident a motor dealer client recounted to me in the dim and distant past. He offered a testdrive of a Renault Scenic - probably the most spacious car of the time. The prospective customer drove off the forecourt (he'd asked if he could take the car for a spin on his own) and duly arrived back an hour later, dropping off the keys and telling my friend he was in a hurry, one of his children was in an accident.

A little later in the afternoon, my friend sauntered across the forecourt to park the Renault. He opened the door and was hit by an unmerciful stench of manure. Yes, the guy had picked up and delivered a load of farmyard sh*t in the brand-new car!!





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