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We're all only human but, the more we catch ourselves before we stumble, the more we travel along the inevitable road towards being super-human. Seriously.





This Week's Reflection


I do believe that it depends on where you are on the journey or, as a Program Owner described it to me a few days ago, how far along your are "in the process". And it is a process in a couple of different senses, there is a process of reconstruction of the brain which, in turn, processes what we're experiencing in a new and exciting way.

Early on, we stumble frequently - not just daily, many times throughout the day. We become embroiled in our own thoughts even though we are developing an awareness of what they are doing to us.

As we progress - and as we become more adept at recovering from a stumble, we both stumble less and our recovery becomes increasingly speedier. Then, through our developing self-awareness, we know how it feels in the moments that trigger the stumble, we catch ourselves as we fall.

People often ask me how many times we need to "pick ourselves up" during the course of a day. The answer is increaingly less because, as we do progress, we get to the point of being able to catch ourselves before we stumble.

There's recent neuroscientific research that strongly suggest that the intuitive mind (AKA the real you) readies our bodies for action before we make the decision of take action. I woould strongly suggest that this is exactly what happens... the more we progress.




This Week's Quick Tip


You are not going to have "one of those days" - you're not even going to have one of those hours! Because today, the moment you find yourself thinking, over-thinking, reacting, over-reacting or deviating into useless thought, you're going to pause, step back, take two or three nice, long, slow, deep breaths and appreciate the feeling of the air in your nostrils.

You're giong to practice picking yourself up the moment you stumble. And, if you read this week's Reflection, you'll discover where this kind of practice leads...

To lots and lots of perfect moments!




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