Coaching Videos & Tips - March 31 2022 No. 750




You - and I for that matter! - can move forward significantly in our lives. This week's video explains how simple that everyday process is in reality.





This Week's Reflection


Can I suggest that you listen to this week's Podcast - I learned an awful lot from the experience of editing it - yes, listening to myself. So, I think it's significant.

As I edited it, I experienced three important things.

I did not sit down to record what I actually said - something completely different came out. And, because I was in Flow when I was recording it, I didn't realise how I had spontaneously recorded something else until I listened back to edit it. This is the spontaneity of flow in action.

Secondly, I was surprised to learn how the first step on a great adventure can be understanding what you don't want and... saying it out loud for someone else to here. What's been rattling around in your own head (adding to the noise) was got out into the real world. And, most significantly, your subconscious (the part of you that knows) hears it, grabs it by the shoulders and runs with it.

Thirdly, my life's been transformed as a result of talking out loud! And (as you know) I don't care what you think... I was moved by listening to my recounting the story of the birth of The Psychology of Success Online Program.

So, once again, I think this week's Podcast might be worth a listen.




This Week's Quick Tip


Do just what you're doing. Right now, you're reading this. Read it, take it in.

In the next now, regardless of what you're doing and, certainly, regardless of what you think about what you're doing, just do what you're doing.

We move forward by being wholly present when we're doing what ever it is that we have to do in each individual here and now.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


I'm rounding off our stories related to our ongoing roadworks - saving the best for last!

The guys were diligent in digging their trenches and, in particular, cordoning them off. So, it was with a little more than mild surprise that, as we walked up the road, we were met by the sight of a very elderly lady, a neighbour, shoulder-deep in the trench.

How she got there (she would have had to have vaulted the barrier!) was a mystery. She wasn't hurt, she was in fine form, laughing and joking with the two workmen who were trying to figure out how to haul her up!

Perhaps she was looking for a bit of adventure, perhaps she felt an insurance claim coming on (that's probably just my bad mind) but, there's no perhaps about it, she was in fine form a couple of hours later as she toddled her way up the road.





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