Coaching Videos & Tips - March 24 2022 No. 749




Yes, even a little video like this - slightly less than 4mins - can be the moment a penny drops. We need to allow ourselves the luxury of a little "me time" to allow the pennies drop... and change our little world.





This Week's Reflection


I there a naive futility in helping people overcome their worries or anxieties or enabling people do what it takes to be their best selves when, in a part of the world that is within fairly easy driving distance for me, people are fleeing just to survive? Is there a point to enabling someone stop the fighting in their own head when a real war is destroying ordinary people's lives?

You and I will not change the world today. But, in the twinkling of an eye, we can change our world - utterly change it.

As you know, it starts with changing how we think or, more precisely, that to which we give our attention. Normally, our attention is given automatically and unwittingly to the thoughts and baggage that hold us back. Abnormally, we can willingly and deliberately redirect our attention to the here and now, the experiences being fed to us by our five senses, stripped of the interpretation put on each experience by the very thoughts and baggege that hold us back.

Removing self-destructive thought from our field of attention changes everything. It changes how we see ourselves and, therefore, how we see others. It changes how we behave, we stop reacting and start acting.

And, because we are all imtimately connected at an energetic level, our altered presence and behaviour has a cascading impact on those around us.

Change your world today - it can change the world.




This Week's Quick Tip


We need to stay calm and centred in a world gone crazy. We need to appreciate the moment, appreciate ourselves.

So, take a minute to sit and stop, to breathe and settle, to let our racing minds still, to ensure that all is well, in this moment in time, in our own little world.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


The Lollipop Man (the guy who stops the traffic for the kids to cross the road!) at our local school recently retired. He worked at the pedestrian crossing between the car park and the school and was constantly trying to ensure that normal crazy people didn't double-park on the narrow road outside the school, where little children would end up running in between and around cars.

Yesterday, the retired Lollipop Man picked up his grand-daughter from school. He double-parked outside the school gate, had an argument with another parent who shouldn't have been parked there either and then...

Drove the 150m to the car park to let his grand daughter play in the park!





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