Coaching Videos & Tips - March 17 2022 No. 748




Yes, you need to be both aware and beware of who you think you are, where you think you belong and how that impacts on how you behave yourself and live your life.





This Week's Reflection


You are not who you think you are. You are not a mish-mash of pros and cons, positives and negatives. You are not your reactions, you are not your behaviours. And, although you may be this nationality or that, what you actually are is a child of the universe.

And, until you've actually experienced that, you've experienced nothing much at all... you just think you have.

So, don't label yourself and, most certainly, don't let others label you - they've neither the presence of mind now the right.

Instead, give yourself the time and opportunity to experience, the time to discover, the opportunity to fundamentally acquaint yourself with you and your potential.

I know, I know, this week's Reflection could be judged as some kind of motivational exhortation whereas, in fact, it's just an add-on to this week's Quick Tip. Yes, it is that simple and, yes, it is that life-changing.

PS... I want to do all in my power to encourage you to discover the reality of you. So, as I said in my email today, keep an eye on your inbox, I'm planning to do something special over the next two weeks.




This Week's Quick Tip


Grab the closest thing to you (could be your own arm or leg!) and feel it... go on give it a good feel. Feel it like you've never felt it before.

Get in touch with the reality of the moment. And, for that moment, park your thinking mind. It'll be wondering "what the hell's going on?" or "this is stupid".

But, if you take the time to listen to this week's podcast, you'll understand the fundamental significance of touch.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


If you've been with me on FB Live over the last few weeks, you'll know that they've been digging up the road right outside my window, making a lot of noise, creating a lot of dirt.

They're putting the electricity cables underground. Cool. No more unsightly cables and poles. Or so I thought.

Yes, they're taking down the cables, yes they're erecting lovely new streetlamps. But, no, they're leaving the big old poles in situ... because they're going to dig everything up again in six months to put the telecomms cables underground!

You couldn't make it up!





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