Coaching Videos & Tips - March 10 2022 No. 747




The $60k question... what do you want out of life! And one to which you'll never ever figure out the answer. Give me a couple of minutes and we can explore this further in today's video.





This Week's Reflection


Can you truthfully say - to yourself, you are, after all, the most important person in your life - that you know exactly what you want? Because, in my 26 years of working with people to enable them create the life they want, I've discovered that they don't know the answer to my aforementioned question - making it awfully difficult, to put it mildly!, that they'll achieve their objectives!!!

Most people keep moving the goal posts. Some don't even know if the version of the game of life that they think they're playing has goal posts or a net, bats, raquets or balls! The real truth of the matter is that people don't know what they really want out of life. They think they do but that is simply not good enough.

Thinking that you know what you want immediately hamstrings you. You tie yourself to the (all-too-moveable) goal post of your own limited way of thinking. That's why I mean that it's not good enough.

Others will tell me that they - and I quote - "need to get their heads around the question" or "try to figure it out". Both this "activities" are adventures into the thinking mind - so they're neither proper activities nor at all adventurous!

And yet there is a part of you that knows exactly what you want. And the really interesting thing is that this self same part of you knows exactly how to get you there. And it knows how to get you there effortlessly.

What we need to do is get out of our own way. Throw caution to the wind. Just let go. As someone recently said to me "trust the process" - because a process of the mind-beyond-thought is certainly and exactly what it is.




This Week's Quick Tip


Draw on your past. What? What's that got to do with living in the moment? Read on...

Draw from your personal well of experiences that you utterly and completely enjoyed. Some of you will, no doubt, tell me that you don't have any. But everyone has.

How did it feel? Can you describe it to yourself? Why not take a few minutes to take a couple of handwritten notes of your recollections.

Knowing what flowing feels like is the door that opens you to flow.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Just back from a little holiday that took in Paris (to see the kids!) and a couple of stops in wine country on the way back.

Stayed in a lovely hotel the night before last and, yesterday's breakfast would have been superb were it not for the fact that someone stole Lisa's egg as it gently boiled!!

The egg thief sat down directly across from us and proceeded to turn eating the stolen egg into an elaborate ceremony. But, as she and her husband left after breakfast, we noticed that eggs were not her only prey - they left with two neatly packed packages of most of what had been on the breakfast buffet.

Our only consolation - and proof that karma is real - is that we crossed their path about an hour later and witnessed him tripping over their basket of loot and accidentally treading on their lunch!




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