Coaching Videos & Tips - March 3 2022 No. 746




When you're with people, how do you present yourself? What kind of impression do you think you make? Is how you present yourself important? Today's video's worth a couple of minutes of your time!





This Week's Reflection


Ever been impressed by someone with presence? Ever felt the warm glow of being with someone who gives you their undivided attention? Ever been encouraged, motivated or even uplifted by such a perso?

Ever think you might be such a person yourself?

Well, stop thinking about it and start being it. For presence is simply a state of mind. There's no such thing as "born leader" in the way in which our normally-minded way of seeing things sets such people apart. We're all born to lead - for starters, we were born to lead our own lives - it's just that circumstances beyond our control when we were young and impressionable conspired against us. And we forgot.

But forgetting, rather than never having that X-Factor in the first place, places us at a major advantage... we can rediscover our innate ability to be present, impressive and inspiring.

You start by feeling that inspiration yourself. It's not something that you talk yourself into - it's not about the nonsense of so-called positive affirmation, which is no more than the proverbial conman's snake oil. As I said, it's simply a state of mind.

We redevelop (it comes naturally) that state of mind by practicing - that's what this week's Facebook Live was about - by getting the basics right. And, at its most basic level, it's simply about turning up - another way of simply saying "being present".

When we focus our energy and attention in the present moment, we are present, we have presence. And that's all we need to effortlessly live our lives to the full.




This Week's Quick Tip


Just breathe! Yes, there are only so many ways that I can say that you need to invest all of your energy and attention in being present, in turning up to your own life in the only reality there is - the here and now.

So, just breathe and feel it. Take a deep breath and experience it. Tune into the feeling of air in your nostrils - it is the essence of the reality with which we all need to be in constant contact.

It's the key to living your life your way.




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Normal @%!*#y People!


Having present doesn't, of itself, mean you're going to have a positive impact on others.

I've never met the man but, I'm told, Bill Clinton has oodles of presence. There are some well documented people in his life on whom he didn't have a positive impact.

Hitler had presence to the point that people fainted in awe at his feet. If you don't believe me, watch some of the footage from the Nurenberg rallies. Hitler didn't exactly have a positive impact on everyone either.

The point is: presence alone isn't enough - you need to have the right purpose in mind





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